Desperation and vitriolic behaviour

It is said that the longer you live, you will see and experience a lot. Nothing is supposed to surprise or shock you and that you should expect anything. Especially from some people!

The political atmosphere in Grenada over the past few months definitely was a learning experience and confirms that the above saying is true.

The twists and turns, the intrigue, the betrayals and plots, the revelations and outbursts and the deception and cunning. All of those have certainly enlightened many Grenadians.

But the last two weeks were particularly revealing. Lord ego, ego, ego, ego of Labour fame was having a bout of mental disturbance. With ready access to the airwaves and unquestioning media hosts, he as usual was allowed to vent. Vent indeed he did.

More Grenadians are now more convinced than ever that he is mentally disturbed and is now one of Grenada’s most dangerous characters. This individual has launched vicious attacks on individuals who he perceives as stumbling blocks in his way.

The problem however is that he does not know his way. Even if he does, the people laugh, as they do not see his way. But, life is like that. There is a saying that if someone does not know and he knows that, he can be helped, teach him. If someone does not know and does not know that he does not know, he is a fool and cannot be helped.

So the goodly gentleman is accusing individuals of not caring about poor people, he is calling people “technocratic bourgeoisie” and other names. The goodly gentleman seem to forget that he lives in a massive house, he is a landlord renting out apartments and that he drives a free vehicle maintained on the workers’ back.

He seems to forget that in building his mansion he received free stones from the government quarries, free blocks from the state corporation (corruption), in addition to considerable credit.

He seems to forget that he was not paying his bills until he was exposed. Even so he pays when he wants, sometimes twice a year. It is for reasons like these that the Corporation is now under pressure and is having difficulty paying workers.

So who is living off the workers back? Is bourgeoisie only for the imposters who claim to represent workers? So “ workercratic bourgeoisie” is OK.

When one lives in glass houses one should not throw stones. If he was well brought up, he would have learnt some of these things.

If he was a good student and not residing in the bottom half of his classes as his former peers have told me, he would have known much better. If he did not waste most of his time doing wrong things maybe, maybe he would have been able as a late starter to accomplish some academic achievements.

Anybody can if they are focused, even if their dreams of becoming a doctor are unrealistic. So don’t blame people for one’s lack of intellectual capacity and scholarship. You can’t be what you are not sonny. You won’t be an Urias Butler or a Maurice Bishop.

What was really crazy however were the outbursts about people not being able to manage their families. Intelligent people would not go there. That’s dangerous ground and only crazy people would venture so far.

Did the individual effectively manage his? How did he measure that? Would the parent whose teenager got pregnant be classified as a failed parent and a poor manager? Town say that when the truth was revealed, he bawled like a cow and called God’s name to a friend. Not my daughter someone else. Yes God’s name in the mouth of a confessed atheist! How prophetic!

Is traumatising one’s infant son publicly a sign of good family management? Which thinking parent except a psychopathic egotist will hang a sign reading: “I am a thief “ around a child’s neck and make him stand in a public place? In front of his school and the world! The world cried in pain!

No thought about the potential future psychological damage to that infant because it was only about himself. Ego and ego again. But all Grenada is watching and they are wondering when the explosion will come.

Self-destruction seems to be the flavour of the day in Grenada and some are lining up to be next. The problem however is that they always blame other people.

Grenada watches and the saga continues.


Baldwin Spence



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