Short memories

As we enter into another election cycle (silly season) let us not be fooled once more by all the promises of investors lined up to come and invest in Grenada.

Let us become even more politically astute and let us become fully aware of our circumstances, our realities and our potential as a people.

“Grenadians do not be fooled” by the cheap political tricks now being embarked upon by those who have gambled with our future as a nation for 13 years, or by those NDC losers who for one reason or another now have some axe to grind with someone in their party, or by sensational journalists who  want to peddle their stories for thirty pieces of silver to the highest bidder.

The recent rumours being spread by these ALBA agents though it may for some, create some concern, is not what they are making it out to be.

There is no truth in the rumour that Uncle Tilly is a dictator, that simply is not true, if it were, Peter would not have been allowed to pick most of the first Cabinet in 2008 after the elections.

If it were true Peter would have been given the heavy roller when he went to Cuba and announced without the knowledge of the Prime Minister, the renaming of the airport.

If it were true only a dumb dictator would have allowed Peter to become the face of the NDC Government, traveling the world as Foreign Minister and Tourism Minister.

Dictators like (JONAH) are usually very mistrustful of anyone they even perceive who can become a threat to them.

We must ask ourselves who is the real problem – Uncle Tilly or Peter?

Peter and the rest of the gang were just months ago holding up Uncle Tilly’s hand as the best leader for Grenada.

Peter and the gang were under Uncle Tilly’s leadership from 2002. Did it take ten years for him to recognise Uncle Tilly’s leadership ability, or his lack thereof?

This is a bunch of hogwash. The real problem is that they thought that Uncle Tilly would have just been the fiddle by which they would have played their tune.

Peter is a coward, he always was, he always will be. Imagine the man resigned because as he claimed he can’t work with Uncle Tilly’s leadership.

The man refused to vote to bring down the government in the no-confidence motion, the man put on a show claiming he does not believe that the Parliament is the right forum to deal with Uncle Tilly’s leadership failures, yet when the time came as he suggested to deal with it in the convention, the big coward and all his gang failed to show up to do just what they were proposing to do.

If Peter had guts, he and his boys who felt they had broad-based support within the NDC sufficiently to bring about the changes they were advocating, then they should have showed up and bring their gripes to the Convention floor.

Is that not the democracy he spoke about by the people in Parliament? And is his actions not that of a coward?

The fact of the matter is that they got beaten with their own stick, the same tactics they were using going around the country, trying to put their loyalists in positions of authority to take control of the NDC, is the same stick that was used on them.

You see old people say when you digging a grave for others you must dig two, should in case you need one for yourself. So true.

Let’s see who he is going to put as leader of the blue party, since as he say the issue was never about wanting to become the Prime Minister.

We must remember that Francis Alexis was just as popular at one time too, and still is even up to today, inspite of the fact that he has never done close to the damage that Peter and his gang have caused this country or the NDC supporters, yet he could not even save his deposit in the last election.

Peter and his gang will be well advised to accept that they made a terrible blunder, face up to the fact that they moved their knob in the wrong direction and they simply got pigged into a corner by Tilly’s crown as we say in draught locally.

There is no sense in causing this nation any more harm by trying to take revenge – they will only be hurting this country, the people whom they claim to love and care for so much and in the process preside over their own political funeral.

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