Some Questions for the Union Boss

Since your expulsion from the Party you seem to have taken your ranting to new levels of hysteria. Quite frankly, Chester, you sound like you are hopping mad. Now, this is rather surprising since you declared in the media that this whole expulsion thing was of no consequence to you. So why you so vex then?

You know, you have left me wondering. I am trying to understand where you are coming from these days. If you were younger, I would say you were going through some mid-life crisis. But you kinda old, and there is hardly anything more undignifying than an angry old man.

The way you are carrying on, you risk being misunderstood, like Adolf Hitler! So in the interest of helping the nation to understand you, I presume to examine you on a few matters.

Your Beliefs:

You still have me wondering. I mean, who are you? Really, who are you? Are you the self-professed atheist? Or are you some kind of post cold war communist? After all you did say publicly that you were “the last communist standing”.

If in fact you are these things, then how is this compatible with the beliefs and principles of the workers you are supposed to be leading? After all, we live in a country of mostly God-fearing people who respect Parliamentary Democracy.

You know, some of us who were branded as counter revolutionaries during 79-83 were hoping that the whole October Episode would have caused you to rearrange your thinking in a positive way.  But since you imposed yourself back into public life after coming out of jail, you are acting as a man with a certain sense of entitlement to lead.

Your Character:

Why is it that after two decades as Labour Representative in the Senate you stubbornly refused to step aside and make way for fresh new blood? Why did you have to fight down Madonna Harford for the Senate position last time around? And don’t you think it is time for you to bow out gracefully and give TAWU a more pleasant face for the public to see, maybe a Trevor Xavier or an Andre Lewis?

Is this simply a case of Leader for Life? Is this one of the growing number of things you seem to have in common with Keith Mitchell these days? What does this say about your character?

On the subject of character, I must, with some reluctance, ask you this: Did you not too long ago subject your own son to the humiliation of standing in front of his school with a placard, saying “I am a thief,” when his only transgression was that of bringing home a toy belonging to another student?

I am wondering now, what your own school days were like. I am sure you were by no means a Saint. Come on Chester, what kind of monster of a father would do something like that to his own flesh and blood? Do you know you can scar a child for life that way? If this isn’t child abuse, then what is?

Still on the subject of Character: Why is it that you are still owing Gravel and Concrete Corporation several thousand dollars for pouring concrete when you were building your pink mansion in the terrace? And you still have the gall to be picketing Government and demonstrating when you contributed directly to Gravel and Concrete’s current financial situation.

Being the patriot that you are and your well-publicised concern for state assets, don’t you think you should set a better example? Won’t you agree that this is parasitic behaviour at its worst?

Your Politics:

Where do you really stand this time? Are you with Keith OR Peter? Or are you with Keith AND Peter? Have you recently gone on record as saying that you are prepared to do a deal with the devil to get what you want? Isn’t Keith the same man you painted as the devil while you spoke on the NDC platform just before the last elections? Is there now an open alliance between yourself and this man?

And in this regard, did you not boast recently, that within two months of an NNP Government you will get everything you did not get in the last four years? Would that possibly include the portfolio of Minister of Labour?  Is it true that Peter might have promised to make you the Senator and Minister for Labour? If so, doesn’t this sound like opportunism to you? Or is it just good, old fashioned political prostitution?

Don’t you think that this is more than a trifle confusing for the workers whom you love so dearly?  What must they be thinking of you when they see you lined up with the likes of the Steeles’ and the Otways’, the so-called bourgeoisie you fought so ferociously all your life? What happen, are these no longer your class enemies?  Chester, you are confusing the nation.

Finally, Your :

You seem to have developed the habit of calling a strike or taking industrial action at LIAT around Carnival when the visitors are coming in to give our cash-strapped economy a boost. I think you call it “planting in rainy season.”  Should it be rainy season for you Chester, and dry season for the rest of the country? Is this how you express your love for your country?

And you do seem to be a man constantly at war with people and things. Are you some kind of modern day Don Quixote? Is this directionless crusade of yours a substitute for the “good sex” you recently made reference to in the Woburn meeting?

You know, Union Boss, the saddest thing about you is the fact that you do not seem to have learned a single thing from the history of this little island. Not twenty-nine years ago, not recently, not even from the humiliating defeat you subjected the Beer Factory workers to a few months ago.

Aren’t you concerned about your legacy? And what about your current legitimacy? Do you think those workers still have the same amount of respect for you as they had before that conflict? Do you feel confident that you can approach them and tell them who to vote for this rounds? Can you sell them Keith and the NNP?

So what is your next move, Mr. Leader for Life? The truth is, that can be anything.  After all, no one can predict where a runaway Train will end up! May the good Lord help You.

The Christ Child

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