The gunmen are restless

Grenadians, do you know what the two fiercest critics of the Prime Minister has in common?

This is an important question the people must ask these two individuals whenever they come back on our radio and television stations to speak out in defense of their new idol, Captain Peter David and to try and castigate the Prime Minister.

These two old revolutionaries have one thing in common – either using the gun to kill or to export arms and ammunition so that Maurice Bishop and Bernard Coard could have plotted the overthrow of a duly-elected government in Grenada.

The one from town is fast losing his relevance even among his own union executive and membership and revolutionary comrades.
This out-dated communist could only stay in Grenada and make noise about Uncle Tilly. Ask him why he is afraid to visit the United States?

He is afraid to land on Uncle Sam’s territory. Let him try that and see how many U.S Marshals will pull him in, and put him back in handcuffs and off to jail to await trial for the arms and ammunition charges.

As a little boy growing up, I did hear the Revo leaders praising him when he suddenly appeared in Grenada sometime between 1979-1980 after fleeing the U.S while on bail.

At least, the union man alone might be put on trial since his partner in crime died earlier in the year in Sweden. As long as this man is alive, he has to always keep looking over his shoulders to see if U.S law enforcement officials are not following him.

As for the one in the north, let him continue to run his mouth on Uncle Tilly. The Prime Minister can afford to sleep very comfortable at night and free from visits of the demons.

Absolutely no one can point a finger in the face of our Prime Minister and accuse him of murder. Our Prime Minister has no blood on his hands as those who helped to create the March 13, 1979 Revolution and even those who helped to mash up their own Revo.

Our Prime Minister can drive from Grenville to St. George’s in peace and without any fear of the demons coming back to haunt him on reaching the Birchgrove area.

There are some in our midst who cannot do the same like our Prime
Minister because their hands are still dripping blood. Uncle Tilly has never held a gun in his hand much less shoot and kill anybody in the name of Revolution.

Please tell that man who likes to talk about writing a book, to give
a truthful account of the happenings in the same book about that particular night at a bar when a top policeman was gunned down in cold blood.

This book might be a top seller not only in Grenada but also in the world if the author in his own biography ever speak the truth about that event and the real reason for killing the man and leaving his family members without their loved one.

The people of Grenada need to pray for these two old relics of the Revo who see that their comeback days in terms of political power in this country with the Captain at the steering wheels were “slammed dunk” by the NDC delegates at their momentous Convention on September 30, 2012.

Oh what a day of rejoicing for Uncle Tilly and those who subscribe to democracy and the rule of law – one man, one vote and not NJM-style dictatorship by a small minority including the two gun-slingers of days gone-by.

Comrade Tim Hector

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