Not all that glitters is Gold

In recent months Grenada was introduced to The Grenada Web Shop also called “The Blackberry and Android Store”.

This business place has been advertising the sale of items (Blackberry’s, IPods, Tablets etc) on Hire Purchase. Sounds good right! However, in order to qualify for Hire Purchase one must have a job letter, proof of address, two pieces of identification and a deposit of $99.00. If qualified, the items will be ready for collection within the next seven working days.

But as the old saying goes, not all that glitters is gold and oh how true that will continue to be. I say this to say that I was one of the many persons to qualify for Hire Purchase on an item but is yet to receive it.

I met the prerequisites and was scheduled to pick up the item during the second week in September. I received a phone call from a representative of the store stating that there were some delays but I would receive it the following week.

I went into the store on the given date and was asked to present my receipt, which I didn’t have at the moment, so I told the receptionist that I would be back in 20 minutes with it, to which she said it would be safer if I came the next day.

The following morning I went to collect the phone but she told me: “He hasn’t brought in the items as yet, but it would be ready before noon”.

When I returned I was informed that my name was next on the list to collect the item so they would contact me. Three days passed and I received a call stating that I should collect my item on Saturday.

When I arrived at the store, there was a sign on the door saying “Closed for stock taking”. The next Monday someone contacted me and told me that there have been some further delays. I immediately told her that I would like to have a refund and she told me that I would be able to collect it on Friday 2nd November.

On arrival at the store, there was a notice stating that the place would be closed between the 1st to the 20th November. This is overbearing and I would like the relevant authorities to look into this situation.

I think that when new companies come on board they should make sure that they are able to provide the services that they advertise. This is also a plea to the Grenadian Public to be careful and hold onto all receipts when making purchases because not everybody is genuine as we would expect them to be.

Remember that not all that glitter is Gold especially with The Grenada Webshop & Android Store.

Dissatisfied Customer

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