The truth about the Hamilton deal

This little upstart called Nikki Steele over the last few weeks continues to demonstrate that he is a real political rookie. His poor performance at all his public appearances clearly demonstrates that he is in the wrong business.

When he entered politics, I felt good, as he appeared to be a talented Grenadian from a class that never bothered about public service. However, it is quite clear that the culture of the NNP is too strong for Mr. Steele to make a positive impact.

On the contrary, the converse has occurred. Mr. Steele has been baptised in NNP’s culture of lies and deceit.

With his typical arrogance, Mr. Steele authoritatively pronounced on GBN’s Beyond the Headlines that the Prime Minister said that the Hamiltons were corrupt. Well Mr. Steele owes the PM an immediate apology.

Like his master he needs to provide the evidence of what he says. Just as Grenada is waiting for the evidence of US$150,000! And still waiting patiently!

The media in Grenada urgently need to revisit this national issue. They need to find the interview of the PM, the Patrick Antoine interview on “Beyond the Headlines”, his utterances about why Mr. Hamilton did not go through with the project; some story about paparazzi and Mr. Hamilton’s interview on Channel six.

All of these will clearly show the truth, who is telling lies and who is really responsible for the fiasco. What is clear is that the NDC did not know or do anything about this deal.

The deal fell through because Mr. Hamilton choose to get out of the deal. In his own words, he said that the economic recession changed the feasibility of the project and that it was no longer profitable to go through with the deal.

He choose to lose his deposit rather than lose more money. Both the NNP and the NDC did not make that decision.

As a result of this decision, Grenada lost. What went wrong was that the NNP transferred the land before the deal was finalised. This was the major mistake. Why was this done? Someone was moving too fast. That someone was doing all in his power to ensure that the deal was finalised before the elections.

That someone was knocking all the doors to have public servants make it happen before the elections. That someone had a vested interest. The NNP suddenly realised the major and the potential impact on their credibility. They were in a quandary. Another fiasco again! Then came relief! Immaturity and stupidity!
PM Thomas made a statement on Friday and Peter David and Jimmy Bristol were out there making another statement on the Saturday. Apparently conflicting statements! Since then Grenadians should have seen that there was already two cabinets. We should have seen the rudeness and disrespect!
PM Thomas intimated that something smells of corruption and Peter and Jimmy saying that the deal was above board. They said that the deal was legal. This was true, but PM Thomas was also correct.
Mr. Antoine confirmed that on GBN. He told Grenadians that in this matter he was acting for and working for the Hamilton’s company. He was also at the time a paid employee of the NNP government. How could you work for two masters at the same time, negotiating with each other? It’s like negotiating with one’s self.
That is conflict of interest. This constitutes an abuse of function.
So Grenada, these are the facts. It is time to stand up and reject the NNP’s menu of deception and lies to the Grenadian People on the Hamilton issue.
The Freedom Fighter

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