Get the records straight

In your weekend newspaper, August 24, 2012 and in a subsequent document on Pg. 11, “Overview of Dock Labour at the Port”, paragraph 3, it states in part “According to the General Foreman of the Seaman and Water Front Workers Union (SWWU), the last fatality on the port occurred back in 1958…”.

That statement is incorrect for according to the death certificate of James Taitt – “On February 6th, 1964, The Pier, St. George’s, James Taitt, male forty six (46) stevedore…….”was struck by a case of searchlight batteries while working in the ship’s hatch, which fell from a sling of goods that was being hoisted from the hatch, struck James Taitt and as a result he died instantly.

I was a witness to the accident for I was working in that hatch at the time it occurred. The Coroner’s and Medical Reports dated 6 March 1964 stated that the cause of death was “fracture of the sixth cervical vertebrate and damage to the spinal cord” . Certified by Dr.T.D. Murray.

I do not recall the name of the ship which was of the Harrison line, but I was told its name was “Benefactor” and not Explorer”.

Simeon Green

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