The NNP political advisors

In virtually every speech or public utterance Keith Mitchell and his band are singing the tired old song about Government Advisors.

He is blaming Government Advisors for all the woes the country is facing: from Payroll difficulties to problems in servicing the massive Public Debt, which the NNP administration so recklessly accumulated in the 13 years when they ran Grenada.

To hear Mitchell speak of Advisors, one would think that the very word was invented by the NDC Government in office.

Consider that this is coming from the very man who will go down in history as the Prime Minister who not only hired the most advisors, but also the advisors who irritated the Grenadian public the most.

The truth is that when the NNP gravy train was rolling, practically all Government departments were sinking under the weight of the NNP Party hacks and political appointees. And these people did no real work!!

Mitchell used the 340 Vote as the “Jobs-for-the-boys-Fund” and these political operatives were paid salaries that went through the roof.

Here is a sample of how the NNP Gravy Train rolled when it came to Advisors’ Salaries:

*Hugh Wildman: Awarded the sum of $19,018.30 plus perks each month.  To do what? To play the role of legal henchman for Mitchell in Grenada, after things got too hot for him in Jamaica. Speak to the Jamaica Bar Association. Grenadians will never forget his disgusting grinning, mocking face on TV as he defended the NNP Government’s refusal to cooperate with the Cheltenham enquiry. He became such an outrage in Grenada that the local Bar Association took to the streets to protest against Mitchell’s attempt to make him Attorney General.

*Richardson Andrews: Charismatic Baptist man, put in charge of the Agency for Reconstruction and Development (ARD) and became a key source of political guidance to Mitchell.  He was formerly associated with the PNM in Trinidad, and after falling on hard times came to Grenada to find a resting place at Keith Mitchell’s side. Many believe that he raked in well in excess of $20,000.00 each month.

*A certain other Baptist Man who doubled as Chairman to Gregory Bowen’s Constituency Group: He is said to have given bush baths to the entire 15 NNP candidates before the 1999 elections. He was also a Tax Collector or Bounty-Hunter who unleashed a reign of terror against the Business Community and went home laughing each month with more than $17,000.00, until his demise for the gruesome murder of a little girl in the bush in South St. George’s.

*Barry Collymore: Press Secretary: paid $9,509 per month from July 2006 to July 2008 to do nothing but propaganda work for Mitchell.

*Laurina Waldron: Former NNP MP who after being rejected at the Polls, still received the hefty sum of $6,000.00 per month, another case of the Mitchell administration using the People’s money for political cronyism. Waldron is lining up again for work. She was seen on the platform at the meeting in Tanteen two weeks ago.

The list of highly paid Advisors continues to include the likes of Bert Brathwaite, who practiced medicine and on top of that collected $5000.00 each month between November 2005 and July 2008 as an Advisor, former Police Commissioner Fitzroy Bedeau and several others.

The remunerations of Trade Advisor and NNP strategist Patrick Antoine deserves a special study by itself.

This is only a sample of the NNP Advisors gravy train. As a public service I will be happy to provide the nation with a more comprehensive listing of NNP Advisors and the ho-to-to salaries they raked in during the thirteen years.

It is time for Mitchell and his NNP propaganda machinery to stop singing the Advisors song because their record in this area stinks.

Truth Seeker

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