Lies, lies and damn lies!!!

The more things change, the more things remain the same. And as KCM retracted his earlier utterances, he really can’t change. The same ole NNP again.

The strategic rally at Tanteen had all the traits. Set up the stage for the cameras, squeeze people in a particular corner and look big on TV. Same ole, same ole.

Claris was at her best. Wajang! The NNP chief liar. Despite having all the facts she repeats all her lies in every meeting. She got the truth in Parliament but it makes no difference. And a lot of people believe the lies.

Grenada held the chair of AOSIS, a group of 43 vulnerable small island countries struggling to make their case in the climate change negotiations. The Chairmanship role was considerable and necessitated much resources to do the job well. To perform that role, help was given by two European countries to fund  the operations of AOSIS.

Grenada’s role was significant. All the expenses to Copenhagen and over 90% to Brazil were funded by the grant provided. AOSIS also paid for other key officials from some of the other islands.

So why is Claris being so dishonest? Why is she contributing to keeping some of her NNP supporters in the dark and ignorant of the facts? Is this the type of Grenadians that she would like to have in Grenada? Does she think that she alone should be educated and informed?

If Grenada did not bring persons to the meeting, Grenada could not use the money to do any other thing. So why suggest that the money could be used for other things? Blatantly dishonest!

She then attacked the alleged large salary of the airport manager. If in fact that is so the NDC government did not take such a decision. A Board of Directors is responsible for policy direction of the airport. If they advertised, interviewed and hired a manager at a particular competitive salary, why the nasty attacks.

The airport manager cannot respond to those attacks. How unfair? Is this the management style of the NNP all over again? Worst of all she is blaming the airport manager for the loss of airline flights into Grenada. This is not his responsibility!

While she is doing all that she forgot that KCM advisor was also working for $27,000 dollars a month plus free house, free car and telephone expenses. And that is only one case.

Birds of a feather do flock together! Mr. & Mrs. Steele must be disappointed in their son. The one that they brought up very well! The mother never brought him up to tell lies. But he has no choice. He is now contaminated by the NNP. So he continues to lie to the Grenadian public about the stolen computer from the Electoral Office in St Paul’s.

He continues to claim that an electoral official in St. Lucia has confirmed that such a computer can be used to compromise the electoral system. And he does so despite the fact that it is not technically possible to access the main system without a password, and that the St. Lucia official has categorically denied his claim on George Grant’s programme.

Why the lies to the poor NNP supporters? Where has Mr. Steele’s conscience gone? Has he sold his soul to the NNP devil?

Just as his master told Grenadians that he has evidence that the PM received US150, 000 dollars, Mr. Steele is following in his footsteps. His master is wishing that that lie can go away but it won’t. Where is the evidence? PM Thomas provided his! The Master still cannot present his US$150, 000 evidence.

The master also wants all Grenadians to forget the 2008 elections. Why? He is afraid of the corruption issues. He is afraid of his Mugabe self! He can’t make up his mind about who he is. He said that he is a changed man and a mere month later he says that he can’t change! He is the same person. Master, which one is the truth?

So the Master is now calling all to build back together – until after the elections.  He wants to forget all the lives that he destroyed, all the people that he hurt. The only sin that was committed was that he felt that they were supporters of Brizan!

So he now wants to employ the best person for a job and not a NNPite. That’s the worst thing that a government can do he now says; to employ a supporter because he is a supporter. That’s exactly what the NDC under Tillman Thomas did not do.

Uncle Tilly did not fire anybody. He left all the NNP in their positions because they are Grenadians too and the NDC is an inclusive party. Some of them have been ungrateful and did not understand. So they have done a lot of mischief trying to bring back Mugabe.

Under the NNP only a few enjoyed all the benefits. Alas the NNP now knows that it too should be an inclusive party. But Grenadians know by now that a leopard can’t change its spots.

Then there was much talk about the inflated public service and advisors. But, the NNP had a ton of advisors and now they telling lies. KCM’s advisor Mr. Andrews was working for 27,000 dollars a month plus rent, full transportation and telephone.

PM Thomas’ advisor was only getting $8,000 and a travelling allowance of $500. KCM had four paid persons as security advisors, one was working for $5000 US a month. Another was on the payroll and no one knew that he was employed. He also had his own business.

The smart man Patrick was getting $11,000 for making himself available for half a month. All the former MPs who lost their seat were working for $4000 and $5000 thousand per month with nothing to do.

Mark Isaac was left to lime on the steps in GIS for three years with nothing to do. All Mark had to do was to go and collect his pay cheque at the end of each month.

There was an Education Advisor who made $8,000 a month. Then there was another who got $5000 and did not know anything, maybe that one was learning to make and sell bread. And the list goes on.

Something is seriously wrong with these folks. KCM had a foreigner working for $5000 a month just to read the newspapers and see who was criticizing he and NNP. Also, he had about half a dozen young students working to call all the radio stations with NNP propaganda.

Under the NDC, every thinking Grenadian knows that the most work was done on education than any other government. The NDC also got involved in Curriculum reform, more training, new schools, school rehabilitation and still there are lots more to come. Yet KCM is talking nonsense about schools left to decay.

According to KCM, Grenada will have international cricket next year. And KCM is trying to intimate that it is because of Dumbo GABS of St David’s. Then he also talks about something smellie about sand. Where is the evidence?  Ever hear that KCM will have evidence and not use it.

He publicly talks about evidence when he doesn’t have. So what is he trying? But the most comical thing said in Tanteen was about the government passport that he claims is his. Since when the government property belongs to anyone?

To remind Grenadians, KCM had a passport that said that he was Prime Minister of Grenada. Yes he had visas in it. However he cannot travel with a passport that says that he is the PM when he is the Leader of the Opposition.

All that had to be done is to give him a new passport and obtain new visas. This was done by the bureaucrats who were doing their work. The PM does not get involved in things like that. But that is the true mettle of the man. Lie, lie, lie. He still wants to be Prime Minister as Leader of the Opposition.

Then he talks too about the vehicles. KCM is the only former PM that still wanted to enjoy all the perks of the PM. Here was a man that requested permission to hold on to the state car for a few weeks longer and it was approved. He never bothered that he was inconveniencing the current PM. All he wanted was to hold on. He was in a state of shock as he felt that he owned the thing.

He also approached a top bureaucrat to make a case to hold on to the four maids that he used in Mt Royal. How crazy? He wanted to live as the Leader of the Opposition with four maids! He knew fully well, that was not possible. No Opposition Leader saw anything like this in the past but he wanted it.

Who is really interested in this country? Grenadians don’t be fooled again! It’s all about ego, ego, ego.

Even the Chinese did not escape. KCM also lied on them. He said that he tied up a deal with the Chinese to build a new athletic stadium. All Grenada will remember that the Chinese ambassador told the country that there was no commitment from China to do so. All they agreed was to have a look.

This is a serious national embarrassment. And coming from a former PM, this is a serious diplomatic breach. He needs to apologise. Mugabe on the loose again! Grenadians beware.

Speaking Softly

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