Remembering October 19th 1983

As we approach the 29th year of the memory of October 19th 1983, some have begun to reflect on the loved ones that were lost and incidents that occurred on that day.

Recently I was asked “Where were you on that fatal morning?” The question was being asked in an attempt to gather information for a television program. It occurred to me that the question that needed to be asked was: “Why I was there?”

Answering the “why” will uncover the reasons behind the peoples’ motivation for where they were on October 19th, 1983. From School Children, Officers of the Army or the Common Businessman, like me, we can all reveal further details of that day.

On that day I left my car at home and made my way into town to hear the recently released Prime Minister speak. As he was under house arrest by his colleagues for some time, the Prime Minister finally had an opportunity to address his people.

Even though there was obvious unrest and there seemed to be impeding trouble pending, I approached cautiously. Since reflecting, I have recently had an opportunity to pose the question to a couple of Grenadians.

A 40 year old young man told me that he was in town on that day. The reason why he was there on that morning was that he was influenced by his Head Master, who convinced him to get on the bus provided to take the children of his school to the march to support the release of Maurice Bishop.

I spoke to an ex-soldier, who told me his Unit Commander ordered him to get on the transport to “go to defend the Revolution”.

This might be an interesting way to find out who influenced the events of October 19, 1983.

Where were you and why, on October 19th 1983?

Keen Observer

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