Loud mouths on the rampage

The need for public visibility, the pursuance of political agendas and demonstrated manifested power aspirations appear to be powerful motivators for some people.

Many are prepared to do anything to achieve political power. Some seem to think that frequent posturing in the media projecting their desired slants and spins will endear them to the unsuspecting Grenadian public. And they do so despite their checkered track record.

They seem to think that Grenadians have short memories and that they are easily fooled.
One such individual is the controversial self-anointed Trade Man who frequently lands in Grenada to berate the government. It is certainly an obsession. Absolutely nothing positive comes from his mouth.

What is quite clear is that he is missing the high profile and the largesse that was bestowed on him by the NNP leader – the leader that he is beholden unto for past rescues from regional sins.

Grenadians need to be reminded of the track record of these egotistic individuals. Grenadians need to be reminded that this Trade Man who was paid a package of EC$11,000 for half month by the NNP, was also involved in the most allegedly blatant national act of conflict of interest ever experienced in Grenada. Conflict of interest is a form of corruption.

This individual was the one who was deeply involved in the Grand Beach/Hamilton deal that went sour. This was the individual that was making the lives of some public servants nothing but hell before the last general elections.

Like a mad man, he was forcing, cajoling and begging everyone to do what was necessary to push through this deal before the elections. As hurry birds that builds a poor nest, Grenada’s land was given away before the sale deal was consummated between the parties.

Despite all the lies told by Mitchell blaming the NDC for something that they knew nothing about, the Grenadian public eventually heard the truth from Mr. Hamilton himself on National TV. He told Grenadians that he pulled out of the deal because it was no longer profitable. This had absolutely nothing to do with the NDC as Mitchell had been trying to tell Grenadians.

But what was most revealing about this entire fiasco is that the advisor was on GBN TV slipping up. He advised all Grenada that on this occasion, he was representing and working for the Hamiltons/Time Burke Holdings. He made that very clear. He negotiated for the Hamiltons trying to get the best deal from the government.

Imagine, he was doing so for Hamilton even though he was getting EC$11,000 for half month of work as an employee of the same government. So was he negotiating with himself? Is that some kind of incest? Is that a classic act of corruption?

So this Trade Man is missing all the action and opportunities for getting more. And so the big thing is to get rid of the NDC! The Trade Man must understand that people know of the secret meetings to bring the government to its knees.

Now let’s examine the situation with MP Church. What really transpired was a plot hatched to use the profile and jurisdiction of the government of Grenada to facilitate the selfish interest of this individual.

This individual was intent on earning massive fees to work for and achieve the specific objective of a Trinidad company in the Tobacco business. In order to achieve his objectives, he needed the cover and access of a government to attend certain meetings. He found a willing accomplice in MP Church.

Could you imagine Grenada pursuing the interest of a Tobacco company that has nothing to do with Grenada?  It can only be to someone’s pocket!  This is the selfish egotistic nature of this individual who wants to claim that he is interested in Grenada. What he did was to frame and concoct a scheme to deceive.

So he is now doing all he can to bring the corrupt NNP back into office so that he can once again fatten his pockets on the backs of the Grenadian people.  So business connections and influence are used to frustrate Grenada.

One can just imagine the sums for campaign financing. Some were collected on a yacht recently. Grenadians need to be aware of these types and to stay far. They should not allow themselves to be fooled by scamps again.

Former NNP Supporter

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