In-fighting in our politics

WHY do people like Sediqui Sylvester and Stanford Simon WANT to stay in the NDC … so BADLY?

A Political Party is like a living organism; constantly changing – not static.
In an organism, changes to the constitution can be (and are) made. The Clothe can be changed to fit ongoing situations. Changes are made “You guys – Get over it”.

If I was in an organisation and I fell out with the majority, I would not fight to stay with them. It would be stupid; very uncomfortable and non-productive. (Nay! Counter-productive).

We’d BOTH be tremendously uncomfortable and fighting the Wrong issues. Distracting us (even paralysing everyone) from the real business – of service to the Grenadian people.

Mr. Sylvester – They no longer want you. WHY do you want to be with them – to the extent of filing a lawsuit? Wouldn’t it only be to the detirment of you and the party? You are “giving legs” to “The Ole Talk” – that you were/are an NNP spy!”

Mr. Simon you have said … that you are “Done with the NDC and Politics – Period!”  What changed your mind?

The expelled (or broken off) bunch ALL appear to be no longer like-minded, with Mr. Thomas, Mr. Burke etc. WHY don’t you form your own Party OR … join the NNP?  Don’t try to get back into the NDC. They no longer want you! What is so difficult to understand about that?

You should not have waited to be expelled. You should have had enough Pride, to have left on your own impetus – your own steam. Walked away – rather than be thrown out!

Fighting to get back in, makes you appear not only childish but selfish (self-seeking your own pride and power). ALL issues have become about You … no longer Grenada. Nit-picking the NDC Constitution is irrelevant.

It is no longer about ALBA and Casino Gambling (IF – it ever was).
To give you the benefit of the doubt – IMHO – Troublemakers got in and stirred up confusion. However – it is passed that now. The original problems were only the catalyst.
The underlying problems cannot be mended.  So I ask:-

(1). Why do you want to go as far, as fight a lawsuit, to force your presence, where you are not wanted? Like one person in a marriage wanting a divorce but not the other! Everyone shall suffer. Most of all the Grenadian People (whom I equate with the children in the family!)

(2). Why humiliate yourself – IF you get “DO” get back into the NDC, how can this be of benefit to ANYONE – except Keith Mitchell?

(3). How can the NDC prepare to fight an election against such a clever (yet some say unscrupulous) politician as Dr. Mitchell and fight among themselves at the same time? This is the recipe for the NNP to waltz in … with Dr. Mitchell sitting back and laughing!

The Outside Onlooker

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