Politically dunce, immature upstart

It was not that long ago that certain members, now disenchanted with the ruling administration, were singing the praises of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and its political leader.

The central theme of the NDC was “good governance” and the main target was anti-corruption. The virtues of the NDC Political leader, Mr. Tillman Thomas was on the tip of everyone’s tongue, foremost amongst them being Hon. Charles Peter David. He was the flag-bearer. He was the one who held up Mr. Thomas’ hand on the campaign trail and sold him as the best leader to manage Grenada after 13 years of Hurricane Keith Mitchell and the NNP.

The people bought the message and voted the corrupt regime out of office in 2008. In the four years of NDC rule, Mr. Thomas has not changed and in fact, his character and reputation remain beyond reproach.

When news of the gang-of-four erupted over two years ago, many persons doubted that any NDC Parliamentarian would be so silly as to do anything that would remotely hamper NDC’s chances at the next General Election. But the refusal of the dissenting Parliamentarians to accept their assignments brought the problem immediately to the fore.

How can someone who claims to love Grenada and who is the champion of the working class be so reckless? How can Charles Peter David be so selfish as to put his personal agenda before the people’s agenda and work to topple his NDC administration before their first term is even completed?

How could Charles Peter David be so intemperate, that rather than try to serve the people who elected him and the NDC, he is now working feverishly to destroy the NDC Administration with all the vigour he has? Does Charles Peter David genuinely believe that Grenada NOW deserves the NNP?

As I listened to the Town Hall Meeting on Thursday 6th September 2012, I could not help but ponder on these thoughts:  Is it that the NNP has now become so palatable that Charles Peter David would find no difficulty in playing the Spoiler’s Role?

Charles Peter David recognises that he has lost his grounding within the NDC having lost credibility within the National Executive, which he once controlled.

Charles Peter David knows that he would have been humiliated and soundly defeated at the upcoming Convention therefore he has to cut and run. He knows that he has done enough to discredit the NDC therefore he will not find a safe landing within the party. His friends at home and abroad have tried to sell a certain line but it fell on deaf ears.

Charles Peter David knows that he could not derail the September 30th  Convention and therefore the time has come for him to make his move but he is caught between a rock and a hard place. So his mission is now to discredit the NDC to the advantage of the NNP.

One thing I am certain of, that is, that Charles Peter David must be worried about the Spoiler’s Role he is now made to play. He knows that he cannot win his seat once the NDC is contesting. I am quite certain that he will be concerned about his image in the eyes of his regional Prime Ministerial friends.

Oh how they would scoff at the thought of him enabling the return of the NNP.   After all, not one single Caribbean Head welcomes the idea of the return of Keith Mitchell.

Can we then imagine what they must be saying among themselves about this politically dunce, immature upstart who has chosen personal interest over national and regional interests.

The saga continues as Charles Peter David seeks the spotlight ably supported by his misguided, self-opinionated mentors and side-kicks.

History will deal with them all.


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