Morality vs immorality

I cannot say that I have been given a message for the nation or that what I say is truth, but today, I feel compelled as a patriot and a believer of Jesus Christ, to publicly articulate my thoughts in an attempt to remind us of the past, awaken us to our present reality and register my concern regarding a prevailing wanton national destiny, the pursuit of which heralds impending disaster.

I thank God that after 1983, we at least matured enough to know that the gun and the use of force are not the answer, not withstanding, that we remain slaves to the demon of power and its ability to corrupt absolutely.

Indeed, the period we are experiencing now parallels the events that culminated in the making of history for Grenada on October 19, 1983. 19 years later, in the same season, our country, as it were, is again experiencing a sophisticated, covert revolution as we again battle for political supremacy under the guise of perpetuating the democratic process.

Dr. Larry Crabb attributes it to our “arrogant passion”, that ideology of self-centeredness that we are deceived into interpreting as selflessness, as we pride ourselves in our human wisdom and strength to find solutions to physical problems of a spiritual nature.

It is my view, that the cancer of the government we elected to lead our country is not fundamentally steeped in the difference of political viewpoints, individual idiosyncrasies or recalcitrant tendencies, but the disease of the human soul, as we wage the internal and external war of good and evil, morality verses immorality, Godliness verses unrighteousness.

The world view today is that God and politics do not mix. As a Christian, I endorse the sentiments of Mrs. Joan Purcell in her book, “Vision of Change”, wheh she said, “when as a people we make the decision concerning who is ultimately in control of power and governance, then will be released a mighty force of spiritual power that will make us become increasingly free to serve.

“Once we make this decision from among our peoples will emerge leaders with hearts, who are willing to face their citizens in honesty and with integrity, not promising easy solutions, not providing pat answers, not usurping individual and community responsibility, not compromising hard won democratic principles for easily lost political expediencies, but committed to seeking just and meaningful solutions to the difficulties and dangers of real life.”

Today I challenge our leaders to restore God into our politics. I call on our nation to stand up and be counted as we demand truth, transparency, accountability, morality and Godly governance.

I plead with each citizen to exercise the power of the vote and stain your finger, when we are required to, for righteousness.

To every Christian, as we understand the depth of  Ephesians 6: 10- 18 , let us become the watchman of our nation, as we in Jesus name pull down the strongholds and strongmen of our nation and its political system and pray in kingdom principles of governance and Godly living.

In 1983, maybe it was a case of “casualties of war” as the blood of innocent sons and daughters of the soil, marred our land. Today, rumours and spiritual revelation point to a case of “human sacrifices”, as our leaders bow to the powers of the underworld to be endorsed, in place of the Sovereignty of Almighty God.

God has been good to our nation. This is the season He is calling us to “Choose ye this day whom ye will serve: God or mammon”.

Let us all be reminded that our God is indeed a jealous God, “Be ye not deceived, for our God is not mocked”. If we do not repent, He will indeed judge us for our wicked ways.

As I conclude I say, consider Haiti. May God have mercy on us all.

Humble Servant

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