The game of “survival”

Well we Grenadians have been witnessing our own Grenadian version of the survivor game over the past weeks. Our Ministers and NDC party officials have been shuffling and realigning themselves in preparation for the NDC Convention and the inevitable upcoming elections

What is really sad are the lengths that these party officials and supporters are willing to go to distance themselves from the current ruling fraction that is left.

Arley Gill has now publicly renounced and criticised Nazim Burke and others whom they sat next to and forged allegiances with for the past 4 years.

Peter David is taking the squeaky clean approach and claiming he never agreed with anything, never knew anything, never had the support of the Prime Minister and only wants to care for his people and constituents.

Need I remind you that both of these men were happily driving new cars, drawing fat salaries, travelling and sitting in their positions for FOUR years? If things were so bad why did they stay and not speak up before now?

This revelation seems to have come up now on the eve of the NDC party kicking them to the curb at their party convention.

Glynis Roberts is unfortunately pathetic and represents all that women in politics should not be. This parliamentarian sat back quietly having no opinion and not committing to any sides, being influenced by a charismatic Peter David while towing the line with PM Thomas.

She bobbed and weaved between both and made some bad decisions while completely ignoring her South St George constituents, basically she hung on until she could not hang on anymore and probably did not want to face the NDC convention.

Perhaps the worst legacy Ms. Roberts will leave is her move to increase salaries of security guards and other job categories by 100%, a move supported by Chester Humphrey.

A 100% wage increase is unprecedented anywhere in the world, any business person would tell you that a business simply cannot afford such a cost increase.

As a result of this at least one large Security Company has folded operation, some staff are going home and with other Security Company closures to follow in the coming months.

This move will leave Trinidadian and Barbadian security firms to acquire control of the Industry in Grenada.

Mr. Chester Humphrey publicly said that representing workers for him is a bigger thrill than good sex. Well, good sex must be at an all-time low ebb right now because many security guards are being laid off (as a result of the motion he supported for 100% wage increase) and their jobs replaced by electronic security and guard dogs.

I do hope that these persons now without jobs see the humour in this Mr. Humphrey. I should also point out that like Chester Humphrey, PCD was also very vocal against CCC and I am sure contributed to their demise, once again this resulted in the elimination of more jobs as a result.

I could go on and on about the manner in which some NDC players and supporters are now consolidating and going to all lengths to publicly distance themselves from Tillman Thomas’ NDC and are rallying around Peter David.

Mr. David is apparently now forming a new party made up of discarded NDC followers and bitter power hungry relics.  I would really hope that Grenadians are smarter than Peter David et al, give them credit for.

The fact is Peter David remains desperate for power, disloyal and a loose cannon maverick that should never be the leader of anything much less a party made up of a bunch of incapable sore losers.

According to Mr. Fredrick it’s a “comedy”, let’s just see how this “comedy” of errors plays out in this desperate game of survival.

The Survivor

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