NNP takes over the chamber

I will never return to the Grenada Chamber of Industry & Commerce since the organisation has disintegrated in recent years to a partisan group.

People like the late Fred Toppin and Rawle Charles might be turning in their grave to see the role now being played by the persons who by and large make up this body.
As a patriotic businessman, I was rather disturbed to hear the kind of political statements being made by the current President of the organisation.

In the days of Toppin and Rawle Charles, the private sector body was only used to promote the interest of the country and the business class in Grenada and not allowed itself to be caught up in partisan politics.

Today, I am afraid that almost the entire executive of the Chamber is comprised of persons who are in the main operatives of the New National Party (NNP). It is as if the NNP leadership sent them on a mission – to take over the GCIC.

Where are the big boys at Renwick & Thompson, Hubbards and Huggins? Why are they so silent while the chamber is allowed to be taken over by the NNP political machinery?

The current government is trying its best to steer the country into more predictable waters after the 13 years of reckless rule by the same NNP.

However, it appears that the NNP operatives who are running the chamber expect the NDC government to fix all the problems in just 4-5 years.

Anyone with a little common sense would realise that even in the big and mighty United States, which can print its own money and circulate that President Obama and the Democrats are asking for another term in office to fix the mess that was created by the Republicans.

The NNP is not only like the Republicans but they are its sister party in the International Democratic Union (IDU).

This NDC government needs more than another 5-10 years to take Grenada out of the terrible hole that it has found itself due to NNP mismanagement.

Can anyone identify to me, one single project introduced by the NNP in its 13 years in government that could have helped stabilise the Grenadian economy from the worldwide recession that is now affecting most countries in the world, similar to the effects of Hurricane Ivan in Grenada in September 2004?

The current government is not perfect but some of the leading people in the Chamber expect it to do magic when it is known that it inherited a treasury in a mess.

When I listened to the President of the Chamber last week and her prescriptions for the government, I wondered to myself why didn’t she implement some of the same prescriptions to her own business which is in shambles – not because of any recession.

That business was set up to stop the flow of money leaving the island for Trinidad and Barbados and other places by keeping the jobs at home. It has failed miserable because it is one of the most expensive businesses in Grenada with which to do business. Is it any wonder that that enterprise on the Lagoon is in so much trouble?

Even when the NNP was in power, the family run business, which this lady is involved with, has been always on the decline.

Just ask the hundreds of workers who passed through that enterprise on the Lagoon Road over the years about the badly run down state of affairs at the business.

I spoke with a few former workers of the business and was informed that in one given year almost 300 workers have passed in and out of the doors of that enterprise. Workers do not stay in that place for any length of time and these people have the guts to give government instructions on how to run the country. They cannot even run their own place properly but have all the answers for the complex problems faced by government.

There is also another one who has all the answers now but back in the days of NNP when he was an active operative made a mess of things.

This man presided over the Garden Group debacle in which the State lost millions of dollars. How come he did not have the answers back then to the Garden Group problems but now has the recipe for the problems now faced by the NDC government? What a hypocrite!!!

NDC, please wake up and stop sleeping in order and take a more careful look at these NNP political operatives in the Chamber executive straight in the face because the list reads like a who is who for the NNP.

I do not like writing letters to the papers but I have another one to do shortly to expand on the NNP/Chamber connection and to name some of the persons on the executive of the GCIC who have been taking part in NNP strategy meetings in the south of the island.

Some of the NDC persons who took these NNP operatives on board and gave them a few nice jobs on statutory bodies after the 2008 elections might quake in their boots when they get to realise their errors.

When some of them should have been on the job doing what they were paid to do with taxpayers money, they were meeting in certain places in the south planning with NNP point men on how to remove the same NDC government from power.

The former man in tourism was one of the culprits for giving some of the jobs to these NNP operatives.

The Patriotic Servant

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