Diatribe and mental delusions

In case there are doubters, the clear fact is that a leopard cannot change its spots. As usual KCM or better known as “Mr. Use and Dump” was quite true to form.

Absolutely no changes! Same thing over and over again! For those who are yet to be convinced, the NNP high priest clearly suffers from mental delusions. His mission and history as he describes it “has never been to spread negativity or pull down any person or organisation”. Wow! What a guy?

HOW DOES THIS DENIAL ON NEGATIVITY stacks up against his divisive comments made at the stadium during the rally in celebration of Kirani’s performance? What was his objective for bringing his no-confidence motion to the Parliament a few months ago? Certainly it was an attempt to bring down an organisation. So KCM is suffering from mental delusions.

“Mr. Use & Dump” claims that the country is on the brink of collapse. Reason being that government paid salaries late. In so doing he forgot that he took money from capital projects to pay salaries and he borrowed much larger sums from the NIS to do so in the past.

The most notable occurred weeks before the elections, and it involved the use of 14 million dollars from Trinidad that was to purchase a coast guard vessel. That money was used by the NNP to pay salaries. So since before the recession the NNP was challenged to pay salaries. So, what’s the big deal now? Sour grapes?

“Mr. Use & Dump” as usual is completely convinced that when a lie is constantly repeated, a lot of people believe it. And it seems like this has worked for him. So he keeps repeating that the government has hired a lot of advisors with high salaries who are not doing any work. But, what are the facts? The current government has less than half of the advisors that the NNP hired and most if not all are being paid less.

Under the NNP, there were four persons on the payroll in the PMs ministry as security advisors. Two were publicly known and the other two were not. In fact one never came around the ministry. The current government has two persons hired in security positions. The advisor of “Mr. Use & Dump” was working for $27,000 per month plus telephone, housing and transportation.

The current government is paying $8,000 and travelling only. There were many hangers on over a dozen with all sorts of job descriptions. In fact, any visit to “Mr. Use & Dump” office would have noticed that people were falling over each other.

Some never came to work, they stayed at home or only showed their faces on mornings and disappeared. The names included ostracised ministers and former election candidate failures. These types were in all ministries.

Under “Mr. Use & Dump”, the Ministry of Education had a few advisors including a failed politician who had no capacity in the field of education. Time was spent making bread and thousands of dollars received in salaries. Currently, the Ministry of Education has none. The situation is similar for most of the other ministries.

The “Use & Dump” man also claims that there is rampant victimisation. But where is the evidence? Compare that to his time when dozens of innocent civil servants were retired or sent into exile to Siberia to do nothing because they were perceived as NDC. Nothing like this ever happened under NDC. In fact many are saying that this was a mistake as many NNP supporters are now using their positions to stifle and retard progress under the NDC.

Look at the area of scholarships. NDC has given many more than the NNP. But more importantly an independent Scholarship committee has been created to remove political patronage and partisanship. Not so under the NNP. It was who you know and what colour!

But probably the most crazy thing uttered, is that the NNP will stem the decline in agriculture. The NNP High Priest is really out of touch or just a chronic liar. The entire country knows that the NNP did all it can to destroy agriculture. “Mr. Use & Dump” is on record as saying that agriculture kept his father poor and that there is no future. Very little support was given to the farmers. Since the NDC took office, agricultural output has been increasing. In 2010, a 9.3% increase and continuing. So how come he says that it is declining? Only lies, lies, lies.

Grenada is the joke in the Caribbean according to “Mr. Use & Dump”. Joke about what? Why is it that no one in the Caribbean wants to see the “Use & Dump” man back? He was the biggest embarrassment. The only Prime Minister to make the “Hall of Shame “for dealing with the most crooks. Most of the NNP appointed counsels are in jail in the USA.

“Mr. Use & Dump” and his briefcase of money episode was the cocktail party subject around the region. That was what he made Grenada notorious for. So many wild statements were made in his address that many are now saying that he gone through. Just imagine he said that the NDC has done nothing positive in the last four years. Imagine that? What a leopard!

What was also notable was that both “Mr. Use & Dump” and his new friend CPD was on TV on the same night. They also sounded quite similar. In response to a question about whether it is possible that he will join the NNP, the response was rather interesting.

Former NNP Supporter

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