Solutions needed to our problems

The issue in the country now is the unavailability of jobs for not only the young but matured individuals as well.

We are constantly being faced with layoffs so to say, though it is true that we are facing hard economic times.

We fail to see the efforts of government and its ministers to create jobs or even long-term employment for the nation’s people.

Imagine this – employed people are crying out that things are hard and they have a steady source of income at the end of the month.

If times are hard for them what would we leave the unemployed to say? They are not certain from where the next meal will come, they have bills to pay, children to send to school and there are other necessities to which they are unable to provide for themselves and their families.

What is left for them to do when they are trying to make an honest living but there are no opportunities for them to do so? What is a mother to do when she looks at her hungry kids crying and she knows in her heart that she has no money to feed them? What can she do?

This is what I want these politicians to think about. Think about the young girl who graduated from college three years now and can’t find a job, not even a temporary one but she sits at home each day saying, “What do I do next? Where do I go from here?”

What can she do now since there is no employment? What would she do when she has to buy a roll-on or a packet of sanitary napkins? Think about the young man in that same situation. What should he do – sit by the road and smoke? Should he join a gang or should he resort to robbery?

We need answers and permanent solutions to the many problems. It is high time that our governments seek the interest of the nation’s people and not themselves since they should realise that without the people there is no government.

I now see what the term – “Who feels it knows it” mean. If our government officials knew how it felt to be living “hand to mouth” they would understand the plight of poor people.

Well I think that some Grenadians can join with me to rewrite the chorus in Boyzie’s song, “Born troublesome”. Its goes like this… since ah born ah seeing trouble now ah big is more trouble from birth, ah sleeping on table”.

With all that said, I think it is time that the government put measures in place to create employment opportunities to help curb the high rise in prostitution, gang robbery and teenage pregnancy amongst our nations’ youths.

Patient Onlooker

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