Inspection needed of the school

Mrs Pauline Finley
Chief Education Officer
Ministry of Education
Ministerial Complex
St George

07th September, 2012

Dear Ms Finley,

I spoke to Ms. Felix on Thursday morning and was informed that I have to send a letter to the Ministry of Education.  I am writing as a concerned parent of a child who attends the Beacon Junior School located in Belmont, St George.  I am paying EC$650.00 per term for school fees plus toilet paper, hand sanitiser, liquid soap.

On Tuesday 04th September, I took my child to school and to be told that Grade 1 to Grade 3 are now in the wooden building which formerly housed the high school.  The building is located to the back and away from the main school compound.

These are the conditions of the Building upon my arrival on the 04th September, 2012.

(1). The building had no running water and electricity. The water and the electricity were fixed later that same day.

(2). No toilet facility. The kids have to travel back down the hill to get to use the toilet at the main compound and not enough toilets for the amount of students.

(3). No ceiling in the roof

(4). No fans

(5). No sinks for the kids to wash their hands.

(6). The yard and the drain were not cleaned.

(7). The drain is dirty and the water is building up in the drain. There is no grid across the drain so the kids have to jump across.

(8). The classroom was not clean.  Parents had to sweep the floors on the first day of school.

I am requesting that someone from the Ministry of  Education go to Beacon Junior School and inspect the compound where little 5 year olds have to sit to learn in the heat. Some of the toilets are locked since last term waiting to be fixed.

Yours sincerely

Concern Parent
Cc: Minister of Education

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