One for Kirani

La Fillette
St Andrew’s
Grenada W.I.

12th March 2012

My Dear Kirani,

I send you sincere greetings from the radiant island of Grenada. Kirani, you are my centre of attraction, the athlete I admire the most. When I heard of this writing competition my first thought was of you. I therefore, welcome the opportunity to write to tell you, what the Olympic Games means to me.

My name is Bevon McLean and I am practically your greatest fan. I am a student at the St Mary’s Roman Catholic School, who is currently preparing for the C.P.E.A. Examinations. Although I do not possess athletic abilities, yet, your amazing qualities are an inspiration to me to excel academically, so that I too, can bring fame and glory to Grenada.

When I think of the ghetto village from where you came, seething with violence and crime, I must confess that I have developed an immense admiration for you. It was evident that you have broken the web of social ills, which you were born into, made by the worst social spiders, poverty and crime, to rise to athletic stardom.

It is your zeal to win and your immense dislike for loosing that make you so extraordinary. It takes something special to steal the headlines from an Olympic Champion like LeShawn Merritt, and you have done just that. For that reason I consider you Grenada’s best prospect for obtaining a gold medal at the Olympic Games in London this year.

Your winning of the IAAF World Championship in Daegu was an eye opener to the world. Many people worldwide had no idea of what or where Grenada was, and you have given them eagle’s eyes to know our wonderful Spice Isle. The fact that your face and story was all over the Internet was revealing. You really shocked the world.

I am certain that even your dear mother and your coach Harvey Glance are wondering what a flawless son of the soil you are! I am positive that you are blessed and so I am extremely thankful to the almighty God for you.

Imagine how prosperous our country would become if you win a gold medal in the Olympic Games this year. Millions of tourists would flock to Grenada, flooding us with foreign exchange. The government will probably build us a new school, as ours is now in a really deplorable condition. At this thought I am now jumping in glee.

Your coach Harvey Glance described you as, “a freak of nature”, but I would say you are a “lusus naturae”. Your athletic prowess will bring fame and national pride to our enchanting country. The entire nation would be filled with vibrant colours of our flag when you triumph in the London Olympics. I can’t wait to join the massive celebration, which would obviously be a proud moment for the entire country and me. This would be a mini carnival of patriotism.

I expect too, an increase in tourist arrivals and foreign exchange.

More investors will come to our shores and so create more employment to better enable us to cope with these challenging times.

I am full of confidence that you are Grenada’s future Olympic champion and I cannot hold this any longer, but I must say that I am very proud to call you ‘The Jaguar’ which I know you really are.

What a pleasure it would be for me to share in this historic event as a proud Grenadian. I must admit too, that the London Olympics is a very special one for me and this is all because of you. The Games, which attract worldwide attention and would mean that Grenada will get a high level of publicity. We will be ranking with the athletic giants of the world and that would be such a good feeling.

So, as we get closer to the Games, let me assure you that I will be praying fervently for God’s continued guidance and protection upon you. That you would be in perfect health and shape to bring honour and glory that I so expect from an awesome athlete like you.

Please remain focused, humble and disciplined as you are and trust in God. Once again, do your best and God will do the rest.

I wish you the success that you have been striving for, because I do believe, that you and Grenada deserve it. Good Luck!

Your Admirer
Bevan McLean

NB: This letter was penned five months before the London Olympics games.

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