by Clare Briggs De-Gale

Born in Gouyave, St.John, Grenada
Kirani is a talented and gifted youngster
Calm, collected and optimistic.
He always aims at fulfilling his dreams, how fantastic.

Kirani is really a king.
Oh what joy to Grenada and the world he brings.
Every time he runs the four hundred meters
Nothing other than winning is what really matters.

For his fans in Grenada and wherever they are
Kirani, the jaguar, is truly a shining star
On 6th August 2012 in the city of London
Grenada’s first Olympic gold medal was won.

Grenadians here and abroad was glued to their T.V
Waiting to be convinced of Kirani’s assured victory.
As four Caribbean and three world class athletes were defeated
When the 400 meters race was completed.

Shouts of joy were heard in every house and community.
When the people from several villages celebrated his victory
43:94 seconds he clocked.
Leaving the entire world in shell-shock.

We were grateful to God and blessed on that day.
And for Kirani’s continued success we will always pray.
Kirani, keep our flag flying higher
As you continue to persevere and improve until you retire.

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