Hippocracy and Ungratefulness

“Kirani James, you are the only one who can unite us,”
“You better stay because I don’t know what will happen when you leave”.

These were the utterances of Dr. Keith Mitchell. What does he mean? Why did he use such an occasion to make such a divisive, inflammatory and inciting comment?

Under the 13-year rule of Keith Mitchell, he did not demonstrate inclusivity. The opposition was locked out from many things. Those perceived to be NDC supporters were in the barren desert. He behaved like he owned Grenada and the government.

For instance, the opposition had no access to GIS. They were selectively invited to many functions that they should be at. Their focus on controlling the minds of the Grenadian people was so prominent that they destroyed themselves in the process and Grenadians were alienated.

The NNP abused and misused the resources of the state. Today the Grenadian people are repaying debt for over 300 million of bad deals of the NNP. So they exhaled and kicked them out. Now some with short memories are contemplating returning to those dark days. They are once more allowing themselves to be fooled by guise and promises. They are forgetting the pain and are willing to fall for promises. Some forget that the leopard cannot change its spots.

Now that the NNP have access to the state’s resources, talking all they want on GIS TV and getting invited to many functions, they do not know how to behave.

So Dr. Mitchell, as a little boy could not temper his bad behaviour. He got an opportunity to contribute to nation building and demonstrated that he could not change.

He firstly attempted to justify the building of the stadium, something that is obviously irking him for the “squandermania.” The stadium is not the problem but it is about the corruption that surrounded it. The millions in finder’s fees and the shabby, poor work resulting in millions of dollars down the drain. Before IVAN blew, the roof was on the ground. Money that we are currently struggling to pay and nothing to show for it.

So he went off on a tangent and then said well now is not the time for that. No respect and gratitude for the opportunity to demonstrate patriotism. But what about this dangerous comment: “ You better stay because I don’t know what will happen when you leave”.

Why this nastiness on such an occasion? Why is Dr Mitchell behaving in this unpatriotic manner? Why did Dr Mitchell choose to mark Kirani’s day with his churlish lack of “brought upsy”. The hunger for power is such a dangerous thing that he can no longer control himself!

Is Dr Mitchell planning to disrupt life in Grenada? Why this unnecessary attempt to sow seeds of fear and discord in our peaceful country?

I am of the view that Dr, Mitchell should apologise to Kirani and the people of Grenada for the disrespect shown. I call on all Grenadians to recognise this man for what he really is and what he stands for. Grenada does not need this type anymore.

Patriotic Lover

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