Use and dump!!!

It is unfortunate the names often attached by some people to the leader of the opposition.

Over the years, many persons have called him, “Dr. Stone” because of his decision in the first NNP government of the late H.A. Blaize to import Stone from St. Vincent for the construction industry as if Grenada did not have enough quarry Stone.

The man put a lie to his own theory years later when as Prime Minister, his NNP government gave the go-ahead to his brother, Dunbar to set up a quarry business in Woodford.

This man is not really a “Dr. Stone” but should be rechristened for the upcoming elections as “Use and Dump” given his track record over the years.

The following cannot be disputed:-

(a) Who used and dump Grace Duncan?
(b) Who used and dump Michael Baptiste?
(c) Who used and dump Clarence Rapier?
(d) Who used and dump Brian Francis?
(e) Who used and dump Cecil Greenidge?
(f) Who used and dump hundreds of Civil Servants?
(g) Who used the State to provide millions to the children of his aunts and uncles?
(h) Who caused the Canadians to dump Grenadians by enforcing entry visa restrictions on them?
(i) Who used and dump Mark Isaac?
(j) Who used and dump Reynold Benjamin?
(k) Who used and dump the Capbank man?
(l) Who used many times and dumped many times the Brothers from Concord?

If this man thinks that Grenadians intend to put him back there to use the State as his own personal little real estate then he needs to take a much longer sleep in order to dream the right thing.

The people are not totally happy with the performance of the NDC but Uncle Tilly is not a bad man – he has not used and abused people. Uncle Tilly is no use and dump man.

Instead, he is a victim of those who tried to use him to get into power and then sought to dump him and take over the Prime Ministership.

Uncle, please hurry up and come up with your own team and present them to the people for endorsement after the NDC Convention of September 30.

The people are anxiously looking forward to Uncle Tilly’s team which cannot include the likes of Peter David, Joe Gilbert and that disappointing woman from the South who does not seem to understand her status in society.

She should have been a member of the NNP so that Mr. Use and Dump could have give her good and proper but then again she ain’t red enough … she only light skin.

The Speed Merchant

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