Saint Peter’s message to Grenadians

Sensible people of Grenada, I urge you to be on your guard.  There is a crusade on to try to demonise and destroy the good image of the Prime Minister and Political Leader of the NDC Administration and Party.  This crusade, while it will not recruit the thinking among us, will cause the unsuspecting among us to be concerned.

St. Peter and his disciples laid down a challenge to Prime Minister Tillman Thomas on July 8th 2012, and have not yet recovered from the rejection dished out by you the people of Grenada. What a wicked blow.  That was a deadly blow when you refused to go with St. Peter and his disciples on their frolic in La Tante Beach and instead rallied behind the Prime Minister in Gouyave.

You the people spoke with your feet and showed your support for the Prime Minister and Political Leader in ways that have thrown St. Peter into a tailspin. He could not believe it. The many portable toilets at the ‘food-fest’ in La Tante  are living testimony of the crowd that St. Peter had organised for and expected.  What a let down!!  What 1800 persons is St. Peter talking about? What a lie!!

So now St. Peter is angry and has taken to the airwaves. He is no longer hiding behind hired-pens, he is now in the open, seeking sympathy, while still trying to do damage to the reputation and image of the Prime Minister.  His opening response on “Beyond the Headlines” was so infantile and deceptive.

St. Peter and his disciples have now vowed that they will destroy the Prime Minister.  Their focus is on the parish of St. Patrick and surrounding areas, seeking to spread their venom and to win souls.  All should remember how St. Peter denied Christ!! Betrayal is nothing new. This is no different.

St. Peter has now changed his Mantra. At first it was that the Political Leader not showing Leadership and as such he could not lead the NDC to victory in the next Elections. So the Poll was arranged to justify this notion.

Then the disciples were all over Grenada preaching the gospel of Tillman – the stubborn Leader who would not listen. When confronted with the real question: Listen to what? There is no response.

The current thing coming from Saint Peter is that the Prime Minister and Political Leader is receiving Bad Advice from the people around him. Ask yourself, who are these “people” that are giving such bad advice?  Have they fallen from the sky? Are they aliens who have descended all of a sudden on the Prime Minister?

The fact of the matter is that these are the SAME people, who worked side by side with St. Peter, the Disciples and the Political Leader. They are not NEW. The people are the very ones who wrote the 2003 and 2008 Manifestos. The same people who prepared the conditions for the sitting MPs to be in the very Parliament. The same people who will ensure that UNCLE TILLY remains as Prime Minister and Political Leader of the NDC.
Uncle Tilly has stated that he has no interest in serving more than 2 Terms in Office.  St. Peter is so obsessed with becoming the next leader that he is tripping all over himself.  Rather than work in the Cabinet and Parliament, he is more preoccupied with ensuring that he becomes the NDC Political Leader NOW. He cannot wait for anytime after 2013. St. Peter has to be the CHIEF of the ruling party now, in order to be considered as the Prime Minister when the next Elections is called.

But St. Peter miscalculated when he chose to WALK OUT OF THE CABINET. As usual, he does not stop to think. All sensible persons know that you cannot be very effective outside the Government.  It only came home to him when he realised that if he is not in Government, he cannot go on the Platform and convince people of his worth.  But he chose to walkout on the people.  He chose to take the people of the Town of St. George for a big ride.  He chose to betray the people by resigning from the government without even discussing it with his constituents BEFORE taking the stupid decision.  HE CORNERED HIMSELF.

Now he is a caged mongoose, he is spitting venom. But with all his diatribe and his display of innocence on TV of late, it will not hold water.  If St. Peter had any love for country and Party, if St. Peter had any modicum of RESPECT for the Party Leader, he would have tried to do the convincing and influencing within the government.

If St. Peter had any decency he would have respected the wishes of the Party Base and keep his ambitions under cover to allow the NDC to sail to victory in the 2013 Elections. But St. Peter could not WAIT. He and his disciples did not anticipate that the base of the Party would have devoured them so badly. So now they are out on a different Mission. He is on a crusade to ensure that Hon. Tillman Thomas does not WIN his Seat.  St. Peter is prepared to do whatever it takes to fulfil his ambitions NOW.

St. Peter throws a “pity-party” in the Media at every opportunity. He has gone so far that he is telling anyone who will listen to him that he has begged the Prime Minister to talk to him. He is saying to people, “I kneel down before the man and beg him to talk to me”. If this is not Judas’ behaviour, I don’t know what is!!.  Who self-respecting MAN you know, would be kneeling down before any other MAN to beg for forgiveness?
Grow up St. Peter, this is despicable. Shame on YOU.  I can only think of the NNP Carriacou man who bowed down and kissed his Master’s FEET.  Uncle Tilly would never have condoned ANYONE kneeling before him.  St. Peter needs to try another line.  But in all honesty, he is spreading this show of “innocence” all over Grenada and especially among those persons whom he considers to be close to Prime Minister Thomas, to convince them that he is a Saint.

Arley on Beyond the Headlines exposed St. Peter without even realising it, when he said that “Peter David has emerged as the natural leader within the NDC”. This sentiment is so engrained in St. Peter’s cranium that he began to live it out before he actually received the accolade of Political Leader.  In so doing, St. Peter, YOU have determined your sorry fate already.

Grenadians have now accepted that fate.  You are now resigned to the dustbin of Politics by your own hands.  You could not wait.  So as you make your bed, so shall you lie!! You wanted leadership even when you yourself know that you do not have what it takes. But your strong feelings of entitlement, your strong sense of the “right of inheritance” and your arrogance have brought you to this point of your political demise.

Here are some questions people should be prepared to ask St. Peter when he and his “foot soldiers of the National Executive” come knocking at your doors.
St. Peter, you sit on TV and say that you have never uttered a single ill word about the Prime Minister.  Are you serious?

When you did not vote on the “No Confidence Motion” but said that you “agreed with the sentiments of the Motion”, did you hope to use that as your bargaining chip, having left the Government?
When your side-kick Arley says he ‘feels the pain” does he accept that you have caused the pain by your actions and open disrespect?
St. Peter, what was your role in helping to bring HOPE to the people as an NDC General Secretary, as opposed to trying to absolve yourself  from any responsibility now?
Who is more intent on destroying the NDC than you and Ralph Lord?  Is it that you cannot stomach the sentiments of the masses… now that you are feeling the pressure?
Can you seriously look people in the eye and say that you have tried to “build the Party”?  You know for a fact that after you did not have your way in the 2009 Convention, you,        St. Peter, withdrew your service not only to the Party but to the Government. How do you explain this St. Peter?  Instead you began to build your own empire – a “party-within-a-party” to assert your influence and dominance?

What is it that PM Thomas has done to warrant open disrespect from you and your  Disciples?

How are you helping to “build Grenada” when you appear to be on an Open Campaign Against the Political Leader and Prime Minister? Do you believe that sensible people will take you seriously?

Joe Gilbert adores you as his Mentor. The love was so strong that he was prepared to do your bidding. Why then have you single-handedly caused his demise/destruction?
Why did you refuse to immediately take up the assignment given to you in November 2010?

Why were you angry with Karl Hood for accepting ‘your inheritance’ – i.e. the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

How do you think this open disrespect made us feel as Grenadians?

Why are you now working overtime, undertaking this crusade  to try to make Hon. Tillman lose his St. Patrick’s East seat? Do you not know that the people whom you are interacting with talk to other persons after you and your disciples interact with them?

Why has the NDC Heartbeat Programme not facilitated anyone who St. Peter does not consider to be one of his disciples? Is this programme an NDC Programme or a St. Peter’s programme?

Why has St. Peter not done anything while he was collecting a government salary to address some of the inefficiencies he is now alluding to?

Why was he fighting so hard for Tillman Thomas in 2003 and now trying equally hard to see his demise? What has changed?

Why did St. Peter stand in the Parliament and agree with the ‘sentiments of the No Confidence Motion’ brought by the NNP leader?

Why did St. Peter resign from the Government and NOT from the Party?  What is the motive here?

Why is St. Peter not calling the National Convention?  Is it that he is now fearful that the Base will ex-communicate him?

Understand St. Peter, you made your bed dirty and soiled and that is how you are now lying in it. Is your HEART broken because you cannot see a clear path to power?  Time to take your steel beam and go. The die is cast.

NDC Lover

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