How do we mend a broken heart?

The strangers met and fell in love but, ‘twas love at first sight? Far be it! Like most people who fall in love the courtship had its ups and downs, sometimes turbulent, but the relationship overcame those tumultuous periods of “getting to know you” to grow and blossom beyond trivial bickering.

Aspirations to common unselfish goals and the clear, the unambiguous, understanding that unity is strength, fostered a relationship in a sanitised atmosphere born of tolerance, trust and harmony.

And so the rebirth of the NDC was neither innovative nor astonishing – status quo preserved vibrant – alive and kicking.

When one’s astuteness masks deception, the unsuspecting weak at heart can be overwhelmed and lead to indulgence in a deluge of unusual, antisocial, or even criminal behavior.  The course easily stayed until the psyche, the essence, is besieged in dreadful guilt.

It would not then be surprising that an otherwise levelheaded person fall victim trapped by the impassionate pleas of a manipulative mind.

One can therefore understand why, a democrat by training and cultural upbringing may, in an euphoric and possessed state of mind, take leave and utter the totally out of character words, “this is not democracy.”

The writer is reminded of the manipulative propensity inherent in religious cults and fears that the leadership of the NDC has been blindsided – unknowingly lead to eventual politically self-destruction.

The “Heart” is broken but not bloodied, broken by the hurt and pain of alienation, and unkept and broken promises: betrayal – hope for jobs and a better standard of living for our children and the broken spirits of mothers and fathers who cannot find jobs; that the recession is over, but not in the kitchens and tables of our most vulnerable: betrayal when there is no money for the bus fare to get to the job; betrayal when the nation stumbles and civil servants are not paid on time and politicians build new houses, drive new cars, quibble over Casino Gambling and the ALBA, upholding narrow selfish principles while the people on the ground starve and businessmen feel the wrath of greedy profiteering banks with weekly foreclosures; betrayal when hotels cut staff or close down altogether because Grenlec’s electrical bills are unsustainable; betrayal when investors in Capbank and SGL who lost fortunes have now lost faith in the government’s will to lead the charge to prosecute the scoundrels who defrauded hundreds of millions of life savings; betrayal when more emphasis is placed on demonising Peter David and using scant resources in an attempt to remove him from government and party, than conducting the people’s business, finding ways to mitigate against the harsh consequences of a worldwide economic downturn; betrayal because priorities are upside down.

The “HEART IS A HEART BROKEN” but still beating strongly with no need for an expensive risky transplant, donor tissue matching and overcoming rejection and complications associated with major surgery.

In the words of a Grenadian political icon, “You know what you have, you doh know what you go get.”

The NDC has proved him right thus far, but does it have the political will and intestinal fortitude to admit wrong, change course remembering the stalwarts of pre-elections July 2008 who navigated the ship of state to safe harbour, and reignite the storm of support for “the wind of change?”

If those at the helm sincerely want to amend ways, put aside selfish ambitions and place Nation before all else, there may be a chance to find fresh winds and glide the present ship of state to safe landing.

Remember those words of wisdom, “you know what you have, you doh know what you go get.”

Kit Stonewalling

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