AEC takes objection to Carnival Revelry

Pastors Alfred Horsford, Alpha Stafford and Devon Rachae

The Alliance of Evangelical Churches (AEC) has some serious reservations about the annual carnival celebration which climaxes this weekend with a number of major shows.

Second Vice-President of the AEC, Pastor Devon Rachae told members of the media last week during a press conference that was called by the Church Organization to declare its stance against violence that the nation must not play with things that are of spiritual.

Pastor Rachae said it is important that as a nation, a close attention should be paid at what is being celebrated.

Although he stopped short of advocating a disbandment of carnival, the pastor said the word “carnival” should be evaluated.

“I am saying that I believe as a society, it is not so much the role of the Church to make decisions as to which festival we disband or not, but we, as Church are not in support of this festival,” he said.

The country has been rocked with three violent murders of women all of which were perpetrated by men over a one-week period that has raised concerns in the country.

The AEC Second Vice-President recalled that last year they spoke out against the theme that was chosen for the Spicemas Celebration, “One hundred thousand jab-jabs.”

He said a letter was also sent to the then Grenada Carnival Committee registering the Church’s disgust, but they had no response from the carnival organizers.

Pastor Rachae said by the themes chosen for Spicemas, the organizers are basically welcoming the devil to rage in the country.

“It is not by mere coincide that it is within the season that these sort of crimes are occurring,” he said.

Pastor Rachae said since the violence started taking place many persons have been questioning the role of the Church.

He spoke of the Church not having been asleep nor absent from what has been happening.

Men’s Coordinator of the AEC, Pastor Alpha Stafford said people cannot use God conveniently.

“I believe we cannot use God conveniently We cannot bring God into our mess. God has a requirement for us. We must repent of our sins, repent of our unrighteousness and our wicked ways, and then we must turn to Him,” Pastor Stafford Stressed.

He said the political leaders must also listen to the Church since it must not be seen as a tool to be used conveniently.

Pastor Stafford spoke of the need for men to return to their original purpose as intended by God.

The Men’s Coordinator said it alarming to note that directly after the AEC held a men’s conference last month, most of the current violence that are being perpetrated by men against women in a domestic setting.

“The call is for men to return to their spirituality, with connection with God and to influence the family we need to go back to the family, sound family roots, values so that the children are going to be instructed in the homes on how they should carry themselves,” he said.

Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the AEC, Pastor Alfred Horsford said it is quite interesting that as Grenada gets in a celebratory mood the violence is taking place.

He believes a number of factors are responsible for the spate of violence in the country.

They include economic conditions, break down of morals in the society, and the absence of prayer in the home.

Pastor Horsford said the violence taking place flows from the sinful condition of man recognizing that most of the homes consist of common law relationship.

He said the breakdown of family life is due to the absence of discipline in the home.

The AEC PRO believes this is due to the fact that homes are now being invaded by the wrong kinds of music and movie.

“I firmly believe that the music that we listen to, and the play having a decisive impact upon the minds of our young people. What they see, they tend to apply,” he said.

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