Walk away now Peter

The people of Grenada who ardently support the values of the NDC will finally be able to breathe again, come September 30, 2012.  It is pointless trying to rehash all that has transpired, especially since November 2010, when the reality did hit home that all was not well within the NDC Government.

Prior to November 2010, there were some rumblings in the media about the “gang of four” among the Government Parliamentarians. Certain speculations were made and those of us who have common sense were able to discern WHO the gang members were. But for a while, it remained pure speculation as Grenadians held their breath, said their prayers and hoped that those renegades within the Government would WISE-UP and walk the straight and narrow path.

After all, Grenadians suffered for thirteen long years under the hands of the most unscrupulous regime to have disgraced our Nation in ways that we would love to forget.

So the thought of the NDC Parliamentarians doing anything remotely possible to enable the return of the opposition NNP, remains the biggest nightmare for all and sundry.

It is no secret that certain elected Parliamentarians have exhibited such callous, selfish and uncaring behavior, much to the disappointment of all Grenadians.  Certain among them have no qualms in withholding their service to the Government, in order to PUNISH the Prime Minister.  Others simply have out-grown the electorate and honestly believe that they are ABOVE the very persons who have given them the opportunity to get into office.  This is at the crux of the matter.

So the issues within the NDC have come to the fore.  In the interest of safeguarding the Nation from the clutches of the NNP while preserving the NDC Brand, the Political Leader tried his utmost to overlook the dissent within the Cabinet.  Efforts at Team-building were thwarted by those who were intent on getting rid of Mr. Tillman Thomas, claiming that they cannot work with him, that they have fundamental differences and that they cannot stand on a platform with him as their leader.

Yet, they refused to do the decent thing and WALK AWAY from the NDC Party that Tillman Thomas leads. The same Tillman Thomas who welcomed them into the NDC and most importantly gave them a Political future.

So, after all the public display of dissent and the challenge to the leader of the NDC, it appears that the public display of unconditional support for the NDC and its undisputed Leader – Hon. Tillman Thomas is now manifestly clear. The three rallies, (each progressively more massive and more vocal) have sounded the alarm bells to Peter and his surrogates that the NDC base is solidly behind the NDC and Hon. Tillman Thomas.

Now that the Convention date has been set for September 30th 2012, all eyes will be on the process for the selection of Delegates to the Convention. The rules of the game will be closely monitored for the shenanigans with “hand-picking” Delegates as happened last Convention.  .

The general call from all and sundry remains: Keeping the NNP in Opposition.  Keeping those sticky-fingers away from the Nation’s Treasury and its assets. The NDC is laying a solid foundation despite all the difficulties, with the prospects of over $600million worth of Investment Projects which have been secured by the NDC Administration.  These Projects will lay the foundation for sound economic take-off.  It is therefore important that the NDC emerges from the Convention with a solid Executive, devoid of those who are not prepared to serve under Tillman Thomas.

The time has come for all those who were prepared to use the NDC as a springboard for reintroducing their archaic dreams of the past, to wake up to the reality that this is 2012.

This is no longer the era of the Revolution. The Soviet Bloc and China are more concerned with economic supremacy and therefore the infantile dreams of being the Party of the Proletariat must be grounded in the reality of patriotism and nation building.

A word to Peter and the dissidents within the NDC. Now that you have been smoked-out, it is time to  GO.  Leave Uncle Tilly and his NDC now and form your own Party. If you LOVE the Grenadian people, you will understand that this disruption; this defiance within the gentleman’s OWN party is not helping YOUR cause. It only makes you look power-hungry.

Tell us, if you cannot work with the gentleman and he is the Prime Minister, how do you plan on remaining on the NDC ticket for General Elections? This is the question you must answer.  It is time to part ways.  Show the Grenadian people what your TRUE INTENTIONS are.  Publish your Manifesto and lay out your Agenda.  After all, you have accused Tillman Thomas of being a right-winged reactionary.  So show the people your left-winged Agenda.

Be MAN enough. Stop hiding behind those who follow blindly, such as the ‘rum-boogie’, the ex-con, the unscrupulous, unprincipled Pastor and others, and bare yourself to the Grenadians people.  Let us see you for who you really are.  Tell us, are you really that bold-faced?  Are you prepared to wrestle Uncle Tilly to the ground to take away the NDC Brand?  Is this how much you care about Grenada?

The September 30th Convention will enable the NDC the space needed to put the party on a winning path.  The NDC base is saying to Uncle Tilly, “come with a Winning Team.  No patch-work or makeshift ‘reconciliation’ will suffice”. Bring more people of the calibre of Denneth Modeste, George Vincent and Terry Hillaire.  It is time for the few unpatriotic ones within the NDC to find a NEW HOME

The NEW NDC WINNING TEAM, must be devoid of all questionable characters.  It must be devoid of all those who have already incurred the wrath of the Nation and squandered the TRUST that was placed on them in 2008.

Best wishes for a successful NDC Convention. With the support of the NDC Base fully in favour of the Political Leader, Grenada is confident that the NDC will emerge even stronger.  The people are waiting!!
Jackie Biskop

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