NDC party – Hot potato or golden egg

Let’s be impartial for a moment and take an honest and real look at what is happening in our Country today:

* We have a fragmented Government that is not functioning consisting of 2 fractions that are irreconcilable at this point.

* We have a PM that  refuses to call elections

* We have parliamentary representatives who refuse to support a no-confidence motion (hanging on to the fat paychecks)

* Businesses are closing and Jobs are being lost left right and center. The ruling party appears to have absolutely no regard for us suffering Grenadians.

* Our credibility internationally as a Government is falling by the day.

* More staff layoffs are allegedly planned next month from 1 large construction Company, 2 large firms and at least 1 car dealership and a supermarket.

* Various NDC members are on the air daily voicing their reasons for non-productivity and government breakdown, yet still remaining in their positions and accepting no personal responsibility.

* Peter David making excuses and pointing fingers  at all others (but not himself)

* The ruling party Ministers appear to be content staying in their positions until June 2013 (and to continue doing nothing while looking at things get worse).

* The Prime Minister Tillman is NOT in touch with what is happening on the ground (75% of his promises have NOT been achieved); evidence perhaps of him being out of touch with reality, actually we have received more hardship than promised.

* Poor people say that this has been the WORST period of leadership in Grenada’s History. What a DISAPPOINTMENT Tillman Thomas and the divided NDC have been to Grenada.

Apparently inside sources allege that the plan is/was for the NDC to unite for the election period and run as one party to defeat NNP and then what? Back to this mess we find ourselves in? Disappointing that Tillman Thomas would think this is a good idea.

The NDC needs to split into two parties and run against the NNP as 3 separate parties for a new government and we Grenadians will go with whoever wins fairly.

As a Grenadian I am left to wonder, who does the ruling party think voted them into Government? It is us the people they are supposed to be serving and seeking our interest. Yet none of these politicians seem to be doing this nor are they listening to our cries, Instead they are on TV blaming each other.

Neither Tillman Thomas nor Peter David want to leave NDC (an apparent Golden egg in their eyes), they are foolishly hanging onto the coat strings of the party hoping the other will go (admittedly) Peter David appears to have more strings in his fingers right now).

News flash… Any marketing person or good campaign manager will tell you both it’s better to leave NDC with its old baggage, stalwarts and personality issues and start a fresh party.

The NDC Legacy now leaves it being a bit of a hot potato and nothing I would want to hold onto if campaigning. Why are you both hanging onto this old plagued NDC which by now has a tarnished and ineffective reputation?

If either David or Thomas is to have a hope of winning against NNP, now is the time to make a clean split and build new parties in preparation for immediate elections. Every day they maintain the status quo both are losing support and credibility. Election needs to be called NOW!

Fellow Citizens, the ship is sinking and sinking fast. Many Grenadians voted NDC for change but now we need to be realistic and come out and voice our opinions peacefully and insist that a  general election be called NOW. Our survival depends on it, we cannot continue in this free-fall downward spiral.

Correction: Dr. Mitchell, I think we need more than a rescue mission right now, a miracle would be more appropriate. Citizens need to look at the before and after NDC regime and make a clear and sensible choice.

Ann Barker

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