A dangerous Sub culture

While many of our institutions, stand by and watch our society, go down the drain, so too our social workers, homes and even some of our schools are guilty of condoning this practice, reluctantly.

Today when one travels around this beautiful little island of ours, one will be shocked at what the eyes will see, but yes it is perfectly true believe it or not. Almost every young man with the exception of a few can be seen wearing their trousers far underneath their bottom with no respect for the society, the elderly or even the Law.

This is discourteous, rebellious, and very much disgusting. I often wonder why the police are not charging these misguided youths for indecent exposure. It is so stupid to see a young man riding a bicycle with three boxer shorts on, one is lower than the others.

Sometimes you can see them holding on to their trousers with both hands. Some of the underwear is even dirty.  I call this a menace, a nuisance. I honestly now believe for a fact that when America catches the cold we get a phenomena. If that is the type of role    models we highlight, I believe that we are on our way to a failed state. With people like Snoop Dog, Fifty Cent and others’ influence on not just Grenada but the entire region, what is happening to us? No longer are young persons willing to get up and give elderly persons their seats be it on the buses or waiting at the General Hospital.

This is the same folks and other rap singers who called women names like bitches and whores in their Rap Music videos; who disrespect women to the lowest while the same women are dancing to the music. Where are we going?  Ex police commissioner James Clarkson attempted to tackle this menace and later became silent even before he started, as if someone higher than him instructed him to leave this alone. Whatever it is, we are in a very sad state, not just economically but morally, and the people who can make a difference are not doing anything.  I would really like to hear the loud mouth people who claim to champion the cause against social decay.
They represent social institutions including the Government, the churches, schools, and most importantly, the homes. They are the ones that condone it the most but in the same breath they tell you that charity begins at home.
I am calling on the government to please take a stand and enforce the existing law of indecent exposure. Why are we so reluctant and apprehensive in doing what is right for the society? I am bewildered by the soft manner in which this burning issue is being handled.  It’s like no big deal!
You can also see young women entering buses exposing all the cracks of their buttocks which is a very unpleasant and disgusting thing. We are dead wrong based on our concept of how to handle these problems. Not too long ago instead of the law doing what it was designed to do called gangs members on motorcades treating them like celebrities. We are totally lost.
Let us wake up and smell the coffee, if these problems are not addressed now, society will not be able to handle them later, and therefore we will only have ourselves to blame. The youths of today is the future of tomorrow so let us think  of what we are cultivating and inculcating,  but more so what we are condoning.
The laws are already  in place to wipe out these problems;  all that has to be done is for the police to enforce them.  Someone has to explain this to me because I do not understand the level of ambiguity which clearly lies with the policy makers, and no one else.
Kennedy Jawahir

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