The message is clear!

The message is Clear. Tillman Thomas is the undisputed leader of the NDC and anyone who harboured hopes of replacing him, anytime soon should now be having second thoughts. That is, if they have any political sense remaining.

The NDC is a family Party founded upon certain core principles and values and values which the general membership subscribe to and are prepared to defend with honour and pride.

The NDC went through a period of growth which saw new members being accepted into the NDC family for the expressed purpose of building our nation together.

Some members were skeptical and cautioned that it was not a good move to accept the new blood but Tillman Thomas struggled with his party to offer a “home” to the young revolutionaries who were in need of a new lease on their political life.  That ought to count for something.  That requires gratitude.

So when the rumours of the “gang of 4” started, many dismissed it. None believed that anyone would be so stupid to throw away the promise of serving at the highest levels of Government, after all those years in opposition. The nation hoped that it was not true. But lo and behold here we are today.
The most disappointing part, at least for me, is the way in which Mr. Lett, the elder statesman, has allowed himself to be used and abused by someone so politically dunce. Who in their right mind would make a power-grab one year before the general elections and hope to succeed?

Who in their right mind, would attempt to derail and malign the character and good name of Tillman Thomas and still hope to be accepted by the NDC base? Who in their right mind would expect the nation to side with them to replace Tillman Thomas as Political Leader of the NDC when Elections is only months away?

They tried with a hatched up Poll and hoped that Tillman would fade into the background. What they did not anticipate was that this act of treachery would have met with the resistance that it received.

They foisted Kenrick Fullerton on the Party as its Chairman in a Convention which changed the face of the NDC and damaged the Brand in ways that still hurt. That Convention will go down in the annals of NDC history as the worst hatchet-job and sinister crime ever committed within the NDC.

Delegates were handpicked and hoodwinked into following the General Secretary. People were corralled into voting in bloc for anyone that was nominated by the General Secretary’s Team.  The result being a National Executive, riddled with members who have little or no credibility, even in their own constituencies.

How embarrassing it is that the Chairman is awaiting trial for fraud and this is not his first accusation.  When political expediency overshadows principle, these situations will prevail.

Truth is, that Tillman Thomas waged a struggle to warn his membership against following the General Secretary’s advice but people were not prepared to listen. Today, the party is paying the price. The moral of the story is that Hurry Birds never build good nests!!

July 8th 2012, the 4th Anniversary Celebration was carded to be the show of strength for the Rebel factor.  They had challenged the Political Leader to a ‘show of strength’.  Tillman was cautioned that if the Government proceeded with its National Rally that the Government Rally would flop, since the “party soldiers” would pound the ground and mobilise the party masses to join the Rebels in their Family Fun Day at La Tante and he Tillman would be left with the smallest crowd on July 8th. (The NNP was also having a National Convention on that date).

Rather than respecting the fact that the Government Rally was agreed to by the Cabinet of Ministers PRIOR to the Party Fun Day, the rebels decided to take the fight to the Prime Minister and to test their strength.

Well this goes down in history as the biggest defeat ever. This is so damaging to those who posed for the “family picture” which they shamelessly posted on social media networks. The crowd was dismal and the morale was definitely wounded and low.

The one thing they had in great numbers were the toilet facilities. They really do know how to organise.

So what was supposed to happen should the rebels had managed to bring out the party base? Would this have been the moment to make the call to ‘manners the political leader’ for not “listening to the General Secretary and the National Executive”?

Was that the forum to have further entrenched their stranglehold on the newly elected Women’s Arm? Was that their forum to demand that the Political Leader be relieved of the responsibility for approving the selection of Candidate for the Next Elections?
Was that the moment to make Tillman Thomas the ‘sitting duck’ that they thought he had become after the last Convention?

But God is not sleeping. He continues to watch over Grenada and with all the prayers and blessing being bestowed on the Prime Minister, he is protected by the most high. The people came out in their thousands and reaffirmed that Tillman Thomas is their one and ONLY leader. The Message was: “NO Tilly, NO NDC”. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Now the General Secretary is on every media, throwing a pity party, and seeking to pull on the heart-strings of the masses. More than that, there is mission afoot to meet with all whom he believes to have access to Tillman Thomas, seeking to paint a certain picture and asking for reconciliation.

My question is: When the MP from the South told her constituents that “Tillman has to understand that he does not have a majority in the Parliament, so he has to stoop to conquer” what was the underlying message she was sending PRIOR to the Fun Day?

When both Glynis and Lett did their TV Ads calling the nation to join them in La Tante, what was the message that was being sent?

The message was OPEN DEFIANCE, total disrespect for the Political Leader and the Prime Minister because in their pea-brains, they were sure to bring out the masses in their thousands.

The disrespect of November 2010 was not enough. They had to show the full extent of their classless behaviour.  Mr. Lett is prepared to bury his pride and rather than ride out with honour, he will now crawl into retirement as a disgraced old man. As he makes his bed so shall he lie.

Now that Tillman Thomas is vindicated and the nation has shown that they will rally behind him, what should he do now? The nation expects nothing less, than for him to chart a clear course for the NDC. The people still do not want the NNP. That much is very clear.

July 8th 2012, gave Tillman Thomas the mandate to build a NEW TEAM without the rebels, a WINNING TEAM to contest the next Elections. A Committed Team that the people can TRUST.

They are all of no consequence. The disrespect is too much now. The people have read them loud and clear. So  Mr. Thomas, please do not drop the ball as you did in November 2010.

Let the rebels go do their own thing – form their own Party. Whenever you decide to ring the bell you can count on us. The nation is behind you.

Tillman Supporter

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