All Zandoli find their hole

The games were declared open and the first race of the day, the Toddlers race, was called to a start, and the groundsmen managed to get the Toddlers to stand in a row, but they must hurry to start the race before they get distracted.

In lane one (1) the Box Head Casino Minister
Lane two (2) The Social worker MP from SW St Andrew
Lane three (3) The Minister of Carriacou Affairs
Lane four (4) The Glorified Secretary/Frock Lady
Lane five (5) The Rum Sponge ex Senator
Lane Six (6) “Our Beloved Minister of Agriculture”
Lane seven (7) The Smooth Talker, So-called Pastor
Lane eight (8) The Elder in charge of The Chicken Feed, downtown St. George

So the babies were shown a familiar face by the finish line, Uncle Pedro -The red Rebel.

OK babies, (says the groundsman responsible for the starting of the race, the man in charge, The Communist Union Man on Green St.) babies, when I blow the whistle you all must run up to meet Uncle Pedro OK. By the way I did not mention it’s a 60m dash.

Any way the Communist union man blew the whistle and all hell break loose, the only toddler that ran into the arms of Uncle Pedro was the Box Head Casino Minister.

Pa pa, the Social Worker take off with speed (and let me tell you he quick for so) across the field, and before you know it, he was sitting next to Uncle Tilly in the stands.

The kayak was behind him, couldn’t catch him but eventually got there and sat with Uncle Tilly also. Our “Beloved” Agriculture Minister, poor thing he stand up half way, did not know what to do, he started to cry, so a groundsman took him by the hand and led him away. Later on when I looked around I see him well seated in the stand with Uncle Tilly and the others.

Well the elder, Foul Feed Salesman, he being disabled, was UNABLE to start the race, so he give up early and his parents came and took him home, he done with that.

In the meantime the Smooth Talker, so-called Pastor, stop in the middle of the race, to wipe his shoes and fix his hat, so he still fixing and then he had to go shine his Hummer.

The Frock Lady, well she is no runner so she walk, taking her own good time, and we all know how easily Toddlers can be distracted, but she’ll get there, WHERE? Your guess is as good as mine.

But wait nuh where is the Drunking Baby, you mean he Bong Away again? He was too drunk to make it, he so drunk he didn’t know where to go and couldn’t figure out where he was. He needs a few more days to sober up and figure out his next move if you get the drift.

So Cde. Red rebel Man, the race is over and we all know the result, need I print it? NO! By the way Red Rebel, you have to call a next press conference to explain the first one, we didn’t quite understand the gist of it, and who was interviewing who? It comes across as though you were interviewing the three Ducks sitting in a row.

You know I could understand the two female media personalities, but the man in the middle, you too big for that! Cde. Red Rebel Man, come on, the thing couldn’t look more staged than that.

Who wrote the script this time? The Midget from the Ghetto who lived in Canada or the Sitting Duck?

Back off Horse, Back off.

Eye Opener

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