Peter, please leave now!!!

I hope you will give me an opportunity to deal with the so-called General Secretary of my NDC party who has selected a small group of non-thinking individuals to run his PRG style Central committee in the executive of the party.

When Joe, Glynis and the rest of the gang were running around the country with their so-called endorsement meetings and they were taken to task by the Political Leader and some real NDC Executive members, a decision was taken to stop the process after much heated debate and the realisation by the rebel group that they were loosing ground.

People of Grenada, you better wake up because this bunch of worthless people are hell bent on destroying everything the Political Leader stands for.

They are now trying to destroy the will of the newly elected Women’s arm of the party, which was duly elected claiming that the election was unconstitutional.

The Central Committee established by the red one posing as the General Secretary of the NDC must go. He is the same man who said in Parliament that fifteen people cannot make decisions for the rest of the country, yet he is trying to decide how the women must function.

Peter, remember that your own woman boiled your shoe in a pot of water to teach you a lesson but you did not learn a thing about the determination of women. This time Peter we are going to boil all of you. Peter, keep your tail quiet and leave the women alone. You cannot handle us.

Peter, stop running around the country under the guise of trying to unite people. You are seeking to repair your image but that is not working .We know you. Some of us have been around for a while.

Don’t let us remind you that it was people from your past political history who jailed Tillman and shoot up people like Ann Peters on the fort. We have not forgotten. They may have forgiven you all but a lot of us have not gotten there yet.

We stand solidly behind the women of the NDC, not your retired, retried overused and confused Assistant General Secretary and their type – but solid women who can make a difference.

They have been there for years and we have nothing to look back on as an achievement that has impacted on the lives of women in the party or in Grenada in general.

Time to move on. Peter, please leave now. Take all of them and form the PRCP, which stands for Peter Rebranded Communist Party. Adios.

Magdalene Jessop

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