It’s happy hour time

Political miscalculations, inept analysis and pure stupidity often destroy many dreams and aspirations of some people. When this is underpinned by stark immaturity and ‘dunceness’ things unravel.

So when Peter called in his chips, Lett and Glynis had little choice for being pawns. So uncomfortable as they appeared on national TV, they blew their political capital that’s if they had any left. They obviously were led to believe that they had some sort of leverage, which could be used to negotiate back in their  errant friends.

The group of boys in men’s bodies who temporarily now control the Executive of the NDC are missing the limelight and suddenly recognise that they are nothing without the NDC. In the process Lett and Glynis allowed themselves to be exploited. One eyed man is king in blind man’s country!

Lett’s confusion was quite clear. On the one hand he was inviting the country to join him in La Tante as this was his chosen group of celebrants. On the other, he was also saying that he intended to play a senior role in reuniting the party. How could he openly take a side and then in the same breath claim that he wants to bring all together?

Lett must be suffering from dementia! What unity is he talking about? Last weekend’s events clarified many things. It took some time but the path is much clearer now.

When Peter indicated in Parliament in his debate on the ‘no-confidence motion’, that his sentiments are with the opposition, his position was quite clear. He was saying that he had no confidence in PM Thomas and that he should go.

The only difference with the Opposition Leader (who displayed disappointment with his utterings) was that he was going to take his fight to the party. He was going to wrest leadership at the party level. That’s why the 25 members that he controls at the Executive have now lost their heads.

So with such clear positions, how could Lett still dream about reconciliation? With who? He clearly does not understand. The die is cast and Peter has written his obituary. A massive failure; 175 attendees to eat food and get drunk.  At 2.00 p.m. there was no food and drinks yet. There was no generator yet and 90% of the persons were from St George’s. Faces were gloomy.

Joe could only muster four persons from the whole of St Patrick. Compare this to four thousand enthusiastic supporters in Gouyave calling for “ truncation”.

Lett’s dissatisfaction about the ascendancy of Burke to act as PM in the absence of PM Thomas, in preference to him runs deep. So deep, that he allowed himself to be sucked in by the wiles and cunning of Peter and company. Oh about men and their egos!

I was not there, but one person reported that he only saw two pots before they left. One claimed that the drunkard got drunk early, got hungry and had to resort to buying two tins of corn beef and CRIX; vital supplies.

So after a hectic weekend, I am looking forward to a few invitations. I hope the Happy Hours have a lot more food and drinks.

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