Bishop is the best choice

A rather interesting battle is in progress in the constituency of St. George South East between Terron Gilchrist, Elliot Bishop and Randal Robinson, in a bid to get the nod from the NDC to be the choice to replace Karl Hood as the candidate for the next general election due in 2013.

Gilchrist, an employee of the Ministry of Health, alleged to be pro Karl Hood and anti-Uncle Tilly, has resorted to placing of posters produced abroad with a photo of himself soliciting support and indicating that he has a plan for the constituency if elected.

Randal Robinson, the River-tubing businessman who is alleged to have posted statements made by Senator Glen Noel at an NDC meeting on the net which contributed to the Peter David resignation can be seen around the constituency distributing pamphlets explaining who he is and why he should be the replacement for Hood.

Elliot Bishop on the other hand, an elected Member of the National Executive of NDC, Trade Unionist with many years of experience, longstanding member of the board of the regional farmers organisation (WINFA), Grenada Cane Farmers Association and Chairman of the NDC support group at Marian – the only active NDC party cell in St. George South East has not taken the same route as the others but has resorted to his normal work within the area among farmers, and youth in particular.

The truth is Bishop knows that it is the constituency branch of party members that must elect the candidate and then the Executive will make the final decision after due consideration.

Robinson and Gilchrist are really new kids on the block and are unfamiliar with the party constitution.

Bishop who is known to be a firm supporter of Uncle Tilly is the Founder of a farmers group in Marian known as The Village Maroon. The objective is to provide voluntary assistance for members in agricultural production and marketing.

He can be seen on weekends involved in voluntary work on the farms or sometimes involved in a village cricket match with the youth.

It is alleged that he was approached by NDC before Karl Hood in 2008 but was unable to accept due to trade union commitments. Now retired, he has offered to serve.

It is these qualities together with an honest background, friendly, humble and sincere in character and given his commitment to the Good Governance and Transparency agenda that Elliot Bishop has the edge to be the next NDC candidate for St. George’s South East.

Elliot Bishop is by far the best choice.

St. George South East NDCite

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