Waiting patiently on the D.P.P!!!

There was an inquiry into the misconduct of the right Hon. Dr. Keith Mitchell with a one man commissioner appointed by Sir Daniel Williams, the then Governor General of Grenada.

Whenever an inquiry is being conducted with Taxpayers money as was in the case of the Duffus inquiry the report was published in the newspaper and the recommendation carried out.

But in the case of the Cheltenham inquiry no report was officially published in the newspaper by the office of the then Governor General and no recommendation carried out especially the recommendation made on page fifty-eight of the report.

I saw in the editorial of the New Today, dated June 1st that nothing is being done by the Director of Public Prosecution (D.P.P) after such a long time, and it is the same thing being said by the Grenadian people and why has no demonstration taken place?

We the people, knowing the character of our Prime Minister are not willing to upset him by staging any demonstration in the island.

So we are currently waiting patiently on the D.P.P to see what he is doing.

Maude Hutchinson
“Sea Fair Villa”
Mt. Rose
St. Patrick’s

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