The political silly season

The smell of an impending election always seems to elicit political saliva. Many salivate even if the menu is not attractive, doesn’t smell appealing and even when the food does not even exist. So Grenada is alive and busy with all sorts of political intrigue and activity.

The splurge of activities and the illogical nature of many have led to the characterisation of silliness. So the electorate is often amused and sometimes confused.

July 8, 2012 seem to have some sort of strong appeal or significance. The NNP is scheduled to hold their convention, the NDC government is having an NDC government rally reporting on their four years in office and the Peter faction of the NDC executive is having a “rum and eat ah food beach Lime”.

Why would the NNP have its convention on a day it received a massive “cut arse” and was kicked out of office is any one’s guess. But, it does not make sense to me. Is the NNP using the memory of the “cut arse” to serve as a source of motivation for its hungry soldiers? Or is the NNP still suffering from the curse of corruption, dictatorial leadership and skewed vision?

The thought of “eating Ah food and drinking rum on the beach” in celebration appeals to some, but is this what the country needs at this time from a government that is facing the most intense economic challenge in its existence? Is the message to drown one’s problems and sorrows with eating and feeling good?
It is said that in difficult times, people find more time to drink alcohol and party! Some say this is about exhaling and psychological therapy. They argue that this is necessary for many to maintain sanity. But is this productive and an effective way to spend one’s time and resources?

Then does a rally celebrating four years as a government qualifies under the silly season?  Certainly any government in office is entitled to do so. Celebration is always a good thing especially when there are reasons to do so. But with public relations efforts galore and a clear rift within the ruling party, it appears that we the people have to search for maturity and truth to understand what is going on.

From my search it seems that the rally is being held in response to the popular call by the people for the Government to give account of its stewardship during the last 4 years. This is a legitimate and timely call and it needs to be honoured.

It also seems clear to me that the Government should elevate this exercise in accountability over a beach lime of food and drink. Where has the common sense gone? If it is billed as a national activity, therefore it should take precedence over any party activity. Such an activity should be partisan and should convey a message of national unity.

The issue of who was first in the planning is irrelevant, childish and petty. The question is who really is in charge and does the party have the right to try to run the government?  It is said that the notice of the rally was officially transmitted by the Cabinet Secretary some time ago ahead of the decision by the Executive. So what’s the deal?

What is clear is that this development is only the most recent manifestation of grab for power by a few individuals to use their numerical majority in the party’s executive to impose their will on an entire party and a Government. They are definitely on a collision course and obviously operating in a cocoon. They seem to have little understanding of how successful organisations are run.

As someone reminded me they are functioning like a Central Committee. They do not even understand our constitution, their own party’s constitution and the role of government. The party is not the government.

Common sense suggests that a national event should take precedence over a beach lime that can be easily scheduled for another occasion. It’s time for boys in big men’s bodies to grow up, and abandon this selfish and narrow-minded display of disunity.

Grenadians do not appreciate and will not tolerate this foolishness for too long anymore.

Ah Watching

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