Grenadians; Take warning, dont be fooled

Grenadians, do not be fooled.  Do not be deceived.  Almost five years ago, you the Grenadian people, rose up against who is now the opposition leader, that is the then Prime Minister of Grenada.  You rejected him at the poll, because he was not satisfying you.
You choose instead the present Prime Minister, the Honorable Tillman Thomas.  So far, he has proven to you that he is not God.

Too many of you put pressure on politicians, to satisfy your needs as if they are God.

Your greed, envy, covetousness and jealousy put you in a position where nothing satisfies you. You want government to make blood out of stone and you live in revelry, wantonness and pleasure.

Every weekend you are in a fete or party or you gamble away the “skimpish” salary that you earn or you drink out all in beers on Fridays.  You live in the beer garden and every day of the week, you can be seen by every alcohol outlet where there is a sound box outside and then you cry out and say, things hard, the Government is not doing enough.

What are you doing to ease the squeeze?  You are the ones who are creating the problem, because you have forgotten if there is a God who is looking at your dirty and unrepentant hearts.

You want to drag the government by its throat to provide for you, your children, your parents and the infrastructural requirements.
Just take heed of yourself, and do not believe that any change in Government will solve your problem.  The problem you want to change now and you recognise that this present Government is unable, is the same problem you remove the former government from power to get solved.

You are complaining against this Government but the answer does not lie in any human leader.  It is in the hand of God Almighty.  Grenada’s problem, like the problem all over the world is a SIN problem.

You can change government every month; the problem will not subside, but in fact will intensify.  For years now, God is calling this Nation to REPENT, to turn from its sins: Murders, practice of witchcraft, the sexual pervasiveness; idolatry, greed, envy, jealousy; hatred, unforgiveness, maliciousness, abuse of women and children; ingratitude, spitefulness, deceitfulness and telling of lies.

Blasphemy and slandering and such like, these are what we Grenadians need to be changed from and serve the true and living God.  Your problem is not politics; your problem is SIN and UNRIGHTEOUSNESS in the face of a HOLY GOD.

If you would stop being religious “practitioners”, and truly REPENT, and turn to the true and living God, he would turn things around for you.  You have been fooling yourselves for too long.  Leave those politicians alone, stop trusting in them.  You are going to drive some of them to the obeah man for answers; but the obeah man himself does not know what to do.

You are going to drive some to go to the “drug man” for money to satisfy your agreed.  But you will never be satisfied.  You are putting too much pressure on those men and women in Government.  They do not know what to do.  It does not matter what the opposition leader will promise now, if and when they get in they will perform worse than the present one.


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