Oh Please PETER!

A team of NDCites was presented to the Grenadian people to contest the 2008 elections. For most of us eligible to vote, that was the winning team. The team that can deliver change, the only team that can take Grenada forward.
Well I must be honest and say, I am embarrassed and that I was fooled. Peter portrayed himself to be the man for the people; humble, warm personality, down to earth and respectful. I liked the man. I thought I understood the man. Today however, I wished I never knew this man who we liked calling the face of the party. Oh please Peter!
Clearly Peter David stood on an NDC platform with a different agenda. An agenda he knew intended to withdraw Hon. Tillman Thomas as political leader. I looked at him (Peter) at many meetings and I don’t know if it was a conscious action but he was also seated very close to the Prime Minister.
Well Peter given what we know now, you could have tripped the man and throw him over just to claim his position in the party. Let me be the first to tell you that you are indeed a despicable man. I am not certain if you have any recollection of the infinite ways in which Keith Mitchell lambasted your name in 2008. I hope you do!
It broke my heart the other day when I heard you say that most of the things Keith said in his distasteful no confidence speech have “good merit.”  Since when Peter? Since when?  Oh Please Peter!
I remember people within your constituency saying “allu like he forget us, he get too big for us now”. These things were said because you were unreachable, people could not find you. You were so busy travelling aimlessly flaunting yourself for all to see that you deliberately abandoned your constituency.
You said recently that you were too busy trying to hold down various portfolios but now that you have resigned you have time to help provide jobs, houses and lands for your people. Oh Please Peter!
You and the side team you have regretfully constructed were fully aware of the type of man the PM is, he has not changed. So do not pretend that the mental make-up of the PM is what pushed you over the edge.
Your greed for power, fame and more wealth are what pushed you over the edge. You took with you what I call “a man allu say was a pastor wee” a man who clearly has no integrity.  But I am sure you know what they say ‘birds of a feather flock together’ and like you he flaunted all over the world as well.
Now things get so nice for you and your side team, you all packed up and resigned. Smh. Oh Please Peter!
I remember seeing Hood and Bhola outside the hearing of the 2012 budget in quite a deep conversation; I should have seen this coming. These developments that you have stirred up Peter, are mind-boggling. I am convinced that you and Keith had this whole thing planned.
So now it’s you, Hood, Joe, ah hearing QuarLESS, and Roberts and the most wanted Ketih Mitchell. Bonjay Peter, you does have shame boy? I remember visibly when Keith said that we the NDC supporters have no idea who the real leader of our party is. I take it that he knew what you were up to.
Well he must since you are constantly in bonding conversations with him. But I guess you will say that you and Keith go way back or you might be forced to say that you once lived in Happy Hill and thus you are happy to be friends with Keith. That’s what the used to be pastor said…lol. Oh Please Peter.
And finally, you and your side team should not run on an NDC ticket. You all are not true supporters of the NDC, never were, never will be. There is no way around this. If the Hon. PM is your enemy and you have an infinite list of problems with him, then stay away from him and the NDC party.
Permit the people with a heart the opportunity to build a better image of what the NDC stands for. I bet you thought that with your resignation the party will come crashing down, joke you making Peter, joke you making.
Now do what you do best, check Keith I am sure he has some ‘flying’ position for you somewhere. Somewhere he can send you to collect some money for him to campaign.  You going to like the perks such a position carries, all you need to walk with is your briefcase.  Oh please Peter!

Mellissa Mitchell

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