Gas station on Melville Street

Hon. Deneth Modeste
Ministry of Works, Physical Development  &
Public Utilities
St. George’s

June 5, 2012

Dear Mr. Modeste,

We have observed that work is being carried out to re-construct the gas station on Melville Street and from our knowledge and observation we would recommend that no gas station is allowed to operate on Melville Street.

(1) Congestion in the town: This was discussed with the last Government and the Petroleum Dealers and it was agreed that the gas station should remain closed as there are eight operating gas stations which provide adequate service to the public.

(2) Pollution from Petroleum products and proximity to the fish market: It is alleged that no Environment Impact Assessment was carried out and if not, why not?  Deco Industries had to carry out an Assessment which on submission took two (2) years for approval and another seven (7) months for approval of construction plans.

(3) Obsolete underground tanks: The standard today is double wall tanks and pipe lines.  The underground tanks installed as the site are sixteen (16) years old and they were removed from Deco Industries gas station.  Deco Servicenter suffered a loss of 69,000 gallons of fuel because of faulty tanks and pipes.

(4) Are Physical Planning regulations being carried out?  We were instructed to place our tanks 16 ft. beyond the road reserve, this is not happening at Melville St. Have special concessions or consideration been granted to the oil company and if so, for how much?

(5) Fish to be sold at the fish market could be contaminated as fishermen usually wash their catch in sea water; contaminated fish could affect people’s health.

With eight stations, congestion in the town, pollution from runoff and waste, leakage from tanks, and old underground tanks, is it worthwhile to allow another station on Melville Street; I think not.

I ask that you look into this matter and I await your comments.

Yours faithfully,

Edwin DeCaul

Cc:     Mr. Andre Worme – Chief Environmental Officer
Mr. Anthony Payne – Chairman – Physical Planning
Mr. Fabian Purcell – Manager – Physical Planning

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