Bring Back Jonah Party Cruise Burst

It is clear to many Grenadians that the NNP under Dr. Mitchell’s leadership is not getting any traction at all, even as the NDC is faced with its challenges as brought on by the communist arm’s attempt to snatch the government and party from Prime Minister Tillman Thomas.
The perceived collusion between the NNP and the communist faction of the NDC as it is so deservedly referred, has not helped either as Dr. Mitchell’s popularity has taken a beating among NNP supporters who see the leader of the rebel faction of the NDC as more acceptable than their own leader.
Dr. Mitchell has been known to play up to Peter David, the NDC elected MP for the Town of St. George, even though he went all out in the past when he was Prime Minister to take him out politically on the dual citizenship issue.
The amount of state resources expended on Dr. Mitchell’s efforts cannot be forgotten as all of that helped the nation to be in the dilapidated state it is in financially today.
His recent rants about a US$150,000 from a source in Saudi Arabia which he claimed to have evidence to support that was deposited into the personal account of Prime Minister Tillman Thomas at Republic Bank is another matter that has not sat well with many Grenadians – especially when the Prime Minister declared his documents to support US$50,000 from the BVI.
Dr. Mitchell’s return to his cantankerous self is a source of contention among senior party operatives and even members of the Lance Aux Epines bourgeoisie – who wanted to believe that he changed in truth, only to see him back to normal in short order.
Senior party operatives, even though they come out with a voice of uniting behind the leader are speaking in private fora of how they do not see the NNP winning any election headed by Dr. Mitchell with all the questions hanging over his head when it comes to impropriety.
But the crux of the matter relates to the NNP’s South East St. George support group staging a well advertised “Bring back Jonah” cruise aboard the Rhum Rhunner last Saturday which burst! The boat has a capacity of 250 and only around 80 patrons showed up. That tells you how the opposition leader’s name is not good for anything these days.
One person who went along expecting fun said jokingly that since Jonah was thrown overboard on July 8th 2008, he must have swollen so much that the NNP supporters left plenty room for when they brought him back on board he could have fitted on the deck.
She said there were people who scorned and turned up their noses at the idea of even going on the cruise. That is when she realised that Dr. Mitchell is not getting any traction even in the midst of the NDC’s shortcomings.
Jonah take note!

Former NNP Supporter

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