Las Vegas Riders are expected to hire New England Patriots’ Josh McDonnell as coach and Dave Ziegler as GM.

The Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday appointed Dave Ziegler, former director of the New England Patriots, as general manager, and ESPN’s Adam Schifter in a package deal that will appoint the Patriots’ offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels as their new head coach.

Sources said the riders and McDaniels are finalizing another deal.

Ziegler, 44, has been appointed director of the Patriotic Veterans Staff, replacing Mike Mayok, who was fired earlier this month. He was interviewed by the Raiders in January.

McDaniels, who has been head coach of the Denver Broncos for two seasons (2009-10), was interviewed on Saturday for the Raiders’ head coaching job.

John Cruden resigned as Riders head coach on October 11 following reports that emails he had written before being hired by the Raiders in 2018 contained racist, misogynistic and anti-homosexual language. Rich Picasso was promoted to interim coach and took the Raiders to Wildcard Perth, only the Raiders’ second playoff appearance in the last 19 seasons.

Bisaccia was greeted on social media on Sunday in both quarterbacks Derek Carr And defensive decision Max Crosby. Picasso tweeted that Carr was an “amazing coach and great leader”, while Crosby tweeted, “You can not tell how much this man has affected not only me, but everyone in this building.”

McDaniels, 45, was 11-17 in his two seasons with the Broncos. He was fired 13 weeks later in 2010 after starting Broncos 3-9. McDaniels started his Broncos tenure 6-0, before going 5-17 in his final 22 games.

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He accepted the job of head coach of Indianapolis Golds in 2018, but decided not to take it. Golds announced the rent, but McDaniels did not come to town, and Golds said he was “surprised and disappointed” by the decision. Frank Reich was then hired to fill that vacancy.

McDaniels has long been an attack coordinator with the same team in the NFL. He has held the post in New England since 2012.

Of his 21 NFL seasons, 18 have been in New England, including his starting position from 2001 to 2008. McDaniels also served as the attack coordinator for the St. Louis Rams in 2011.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick recently paid a significant tribute to McDaniels, comparing him to his longtime friend and current Alabama University coach Nick Saban, who understood the responsibilities of every player on the field.

McDaniels was instrumental in the development of the new quarterback Mac Jones In 2021.

McDaniels has consistently stated that his goal is to become head coach in recent years, but he also chose the opportunities that impressed him. A key factor is being able to work with a staff leader who knows him well, and Ziegler fits into the bill.

Ziegler joined the Broncos in 2010 as his first employee in the NFL under McDaniels. Both attended John Carroll University in Ohio and were members of the Blue Streaks’ football team.

Ziegler spent three seasons in Denver before following McDaniels in 2013. He was assistant director of player staff in 2021 and then assistant director of player staff in 2021.

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Bill Belichick, head coach of the Patriots, who will be named Pro Football Writers of the Year in the United States in 2021, has repeatedly stated during the season that he will be leading the Seikler staff.

Scout adviser Elliott Wolf, who has been interviewed for several GM openings this season, has often been on Ziegler’s side during the games and has been a candidate to fill his void.

Mike Reyes of ESPN contributed to this report.

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