Kentucky Hurricane Latest News: Map showing Twister’s trajectory death toll rises to 74 including six children

Watch live when the Governor of Kentucky discusses the deadly hurricane

The governor warned that the death toll from the hurricane that struck six states on Friday night could exceed 100 in Kentucky alone.

As of Monday afternoon, 74 people were dead and 100 were still missing, Governor Andy Bessier suggested, making it the most devastating hurricane event in state history.

Dozens of deaths have been confirmed across Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee and Illinois, where workers were trapped in an Amazon warehouse collapse that killed six people.

The National Weather Service’s map shows a supercell, which could be a hurricane or their family, believed to have carved a 250-mile path in four states, shattering the 1925 record.

The victims of the hurricane were 43-year-old Kentucky Judge Brian Crick, 84-year-old Missouri grandmother Olly Borgman, 46-year-old Amazon worker Larry Wheaton and two children aged three and five in Kentucky.

At an emotional press conference on Monday, Governor Bessier said the victims in his state ranged in age from five months to 86 – six under the age of 18.


Kentucky hurricane: Parents say two-month-old baby girl falls victim to deadly storm

A two-month-old baby girl has become one of the youngest victims of a hurricane after she died from injuries sustained during the storm in Kentucky and five surrounding states.

His parents, Douglas and Jackie, said Oaklin Koon died Monday.

“At least I know who’s watching over me. My dad,” Douglas Coon wrote on Facebook. “God, it’s not true.”

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Dawson Springs Mayor says homeless residents have nowhere to stay

Mayor of Dawson Springs, Kentucky, says residents have nowhere to stay after their homes were destroyed by the hurricane.

Mayor Chris Smally told CNN Monday night: “We look forward to FEMA [the Federal Emergency Management Agency] Comes here and tries to set something up.

“We are a small town and a small area, so it can be difficult to find a place to put temporary housing and stuff.

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Candle factory employees claim they were not allowed to leave the shifts early

Workers at a Kentucky candle factory devastated by last week’s hurricane have reportedly been fired if they try to leave their shifts early. At least four workers at the Mayfield consumer product factory in Mayfield told NBC News that their employers refused to allow them to leave the building even though alarm sirens sounded. At least eight people were killed when a factory collapsed on Friday night.

A company spokesman flatly denied that employees had been threatened with dismissal or told not to leave.

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‘This is not a natural disaster,’ says the climate scientist

A reputable meteorologist has warned that the hurricane this weekend is the result of global warming and not an unpredictable weather event.

Michael Mann, director of Penn State University’s Center for Geosciences Science, issued his warning Democracy now!S War and Peace Report On Monday.

Mr Dean continued: “Make no mistake, we are seeing an increase in these massive hurricane eruptions that are causing the planet’s warming.

“But what’s going to happen here, we’ll continue to see is that climate change, combined with natural factors like the La Nina phenomenon we are experiencing, is going to create more serious examples of these kinds of events.”

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Five of the victims have not been identified

Five of the 74 confirmed deaths in Kentucky have not yet been identified, the state Bessier said at a news conference Monday afternoon.

And 109 people are missing across the state. The governor said it could take weeks to finalize the death toll from the mountain ruins facing search teams.

See below the Governor’s emotional message:

Watch live when the Governor of Kentucky discusses the deadly hurricane

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ICYMI: What do we know about the victims of the hurricane

The death toll from Friday’s storms rose to 88 on Monday afternoon as 10 new deaths were confirmed in Kentucky.

The Independent’s Gustaf Glander explains everything we know about victims so far:

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Voices: Why climate change is not coming out as you think

In the wake of Friday’s devastating storms, many have blamed climate change.

Scientists say it’s too early to know if this is really the case, but it’s not a reason to rule out the possibility. Of freedom Louis Boyle explains:

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ICYMI: Jeff Bezos caught fire in response to hurricane tragedy

At least six people have been killed after a building collapsed Friday night at an Amazon distribution center in Edwardsville, Illinois.

There was initially no reaction to Mr Bezos’ news online, however, as the millionaire launched his social media posts on Saturday launching the New Shepherd Rocket with six astronauts, including Laura Shepherd Churchill, the daughter of America’s first astronaut Alan Shepherd. Whose name was given to the rocket.

“Happy team at the training center this morning,” Mr Bezos said in an Instagram post Saturday morning. The group includes former NFL star and Good Morning America presenter Michael Strahan and four paying customers.

“You should be more concerned about the hurricane situation,” one user responded to the post.

“Will any of your Amazon workers get on the plane?” Slapped another.

Of freedom Namitha Singh said:

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Feds to explore hurricane response at Amazon warehouse in Illinois

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has launched an investigation into the Amazon facility in Illinois, where six workers were killed when a hurricane collapsed its roof on Friday.

A spokesman for the company told CNBC: “OSHA is investigating all workplace deaths and we support them.”

Amazon said employees working at a distribution center in Edwardsville were instructed to take security around 8.16pm on Friday night.

It was believed that a twister had formed in the center parking lot before carving a path through it – trapping dozens of workers inside.

The family of one of the victims, Larry Wirton, alleged that the workers had previously been denied the opportunity to leave. Of freedom Commenting on this, Swetha Sharma said:

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