Kate Moss Johnny Depp refuses to push her down the stairs

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Kate Moss testified on May 25 that she was an ex-boyfriend Johnny Depp “I was never pushed, kicked, or thrown down any stairs.” Instead, he said he came to save himself after he described it as a bad fall during the holidays. Depp’s team called Moses as a denial witness Defamation investigation Against his ex-wife, Amber Hert. Depp and Heard both accused each other of abuse, and Heard testified on May 5 about a rumored domestic incident between him and the supermodel when the stars dated in the 1990s. “Ms. Moss, do you know Johnny Depp?” Asked his lawyer Ben Chev. “Yes,” Moss replied with a slight smile. Moss, who took the position via video from Gloucester, appeared with a new face and wore a dark jacket and white shirt for his testimony. He said he and Depp had a romantic relationship from 1994 to 1998. “Mrs. Moss, when you were a couple, did you two vacation together at the Golden Eye Resort in Jamaica? She responded positively. “What if something happens?” Chewing continued. “We were leaving the room. Johnny left the room before I could do it. It was raining. When I left the room, I slipped on the stairs and injured my back,” Moss said. “I screamed because I did not know what had happened. I was in pain. He ran back to help me and took me to my room for medical help.” Chew pressed: “Did Mr. Depp push you down the stairs in any way?” “No,” Moss said. Heard’s team did not cross-examine Moss.

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When Depp took a stand again today as part of his denial case, he was asked about the rumor and its origins. What happened, Depp said, “what she said happened” refers to Moses. Depp recalled hearing the story. “Ms. What she heard took the story and turned it into a very ugly incident, everything was on her mind,” Depp said. “We were simply in Jamaica; I left our bungalow three minutes before her. I was standing outside. Suddenly it starts to rain, it starts to rain like a monsoon, and then I remember seeing Kate come out the door,” Depp said. There were three more small wooden stairs, and she slipped. Her legs came up and she landed on her coccyx. She was apparently in physical pain. She was injured. She was crying. So I ran to catch her to make sure she was fine. Deb continued: “That’s it. I’m always been that – that’s the whole story, the rumor about it, I’ve never heard a rumor like this before Ms. caught it.

The history of Moss’ involvement in Depp & Heard’s always-stumbled investigation is somewhat twisted. Depp was reportedly hit in the face during an argument in the spring of 2015, fearing he would throw his sister Whitney down the stairs. “I did not hesitate, do not wait. I, in my head, immediately thought of Kate Moss and the stairs. The sun The newspaper recalled hearing rumors that he had pushed an ex-girlfriend – whom he thought was Moss – down the stairs. On May 17, Heard was asked at the crossroads to explain his reference to Moss. “You thought he was going to throw your sister down the stairs like Kate Moss was throwing you down the stairs, weren’t you?” One of Depp’s lawyers referred to the allegation and stressed. When asked, he replied, “I heard a rumor, a big rumor, about it.” By naming Moss, Heard effectively paved the way for Depp’s lawyers to call him a witness, from a legal standpoint. Moss’s account with Depp also provides a counter – story to his behavior as a romantic partner. The video deposit testified to the jurors Ellen Parkin, Who briefly went out with Depp in the 1990s. Parkin described Depp as a “jealous” boyfriend who was often intoxicated. He also said Deb threw a bottle at a Las Vegas hotel room during an altercation with someone in his inner circle.

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