Japan’s Prime Minister says North Korea has fired a suspected ballistic missile


The Japanese government said on Sunday that North Korea had launched a suspected missile.

The Japan Coast Guard appears to have already shot down a possible North Korean ballistic missile.

The Coast Guard has advised boats not to approach any objects lying in the sea and to heed the information. It also asked the ships to provide any relevant information.

On Tuesday, North Korea fired another missileWithout warning, it flew over Japan and warned its citizens to take shelter.

The missile is believed to have traveled over northern Japan in the early hours of Tuesday and crashed into the Pacific Ocean. In 2017, North Korea launched a missile over Japan.

US Secretary of State Anthony A wink warned If North Korea continues “down this road” of provocation following Tuesday’s ballistic missile launch, “it will increase condemnation, increase isolation and increase measures in response to their actions.”

North Korea regularly fires missiles into waters off the coast of the Korean Peninsula, making Tuesday’s flight over Japan all the more provocative.

This is important news and will be updated.

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