January 6 Inquiry Appraisals – Live: Trump prepares committee for Ivanka for 2nd day

Liz Cheney tells Republicans defending rebels: ‘If Trump disappears, your contempt will last’

The Jan. 6 House Select Committee’s first prime-time hearing ended Thursday after a two-hour testimony following the bomb revelations introduced by deputies Benny Thompson and Liz Cheney.

Former President Donald Trump expressed his anger after the committee read out excerpts from interviews with his former attorney general Bill Barr, daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Mr Trump called Mr Barr “weak” and “cowardly” after Mr Trump made false claims about the stolen election in the House panel as “bulls ***”.

Ms Trump, one of her father’s most trusted advisers, said she did not think the 2020 election was rigged and valued the bar. His father objected that he had “checked out” before the 2020 election and was paying homage to Baru.

In her inaugural statement, GOP legislator Ms Cheney said many of her party members had apologized to Mr Trump for trying to “change the election”: “Tonight, I say this to my Republican counterparts who are defending themselves: they will come. One day Donald Trump will be gone, but your contempt will remain.”

To watch about 20 million Americans, the rating show – the equivalent of Sunday Night football spectators. There are no streaming services in that number.


ICYMI: Trump angrily denied ‘hanging Mike Pence’

Former President Donald Trump He responded to the revelations of the House Select Committee investigating the riots in the American capital in January, and he agreed with the rioters. Vice President Mike Pence To be hung.

Read the full story of Eric Garcia here:

Marusha Muzaffar12 June 2022 07:00


CYMI: Nearly 20 million people have watched the Prime Time January 6 Committee hearing, the ratings show

According to Nielsen’s initial estimates, nearly 20 million people watched the House Select Committee investigating the first prime time investigation into the January 6 Capitol riots.

Each major network ran the investigation, which began between 8pm EST and 10pm EST. ABC won the most hits, with 4.8 million viewers for its broadcast. James Goldstone, former chairman of ABC News, assisted the team. NBC came in second with 3.5m viewers and CBS with 3.3m viewers.

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GOP candidate: ‘Hitler is the leader we need today’

ICYMI: A Republican Party The House candidate came under fire for allegedly being praised Nazi President Adolf Hitler’s talent provoked the “crowd” and said “the leader we need today”.

Entrepreneur Carl Paladino He made the controversial remarks while speaking to Buffalo on the New York radio station WBEN in February last year.

Graeme Masi12 June 2022 04:57


Trump calls the violent Capitol attack the ‘biggest movement’ in American history

ICYMI: With just hours to go before the Lok Sabha convenes on January 6, the first prime ministerial hearing of the select committee, the former president Donald Trump Said to have carried out a violent attack on Capitol Performed by his supporters was not “merely a protest”, but in fact the “biggest movement” in American history.

Graeme Masi12 June 2022 04:09


When asked on Jan. 6, Hannity savagely says Trump is ‘fine’

‘S longtime partner Donald Trump The former president announced during his show that he was out of the event, displaying “good” scenes such as rioters brutally attacking law enforcement members and attacking through windows.

Lawmakers on the panel said at the time of the attack that the former president had done nothing to maintain law enforcement’s backup on the mountain.

Graeme Masi12 June 2022 03:23


What’s next for the January 6 group?

ICYMI: The House committee investigating the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol has drawn up a blueprint for an investigation this month to examine the president. Donald TrumpHe was responsible for the melee and damage to law enforcement officials, members of Congress and others who attended the day.

The next phase of the trial will not take place in prime time as it did on Thursday, but lawmakers will talk in detail about specific aspects of the uprising.

Here is a snapshot of what the team is saying:

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Donald Trump Jr. launches new social media attack on Amber Heard

During a tense prime time hearing on Thursday night, the House panel directly accused the former president. Donald Trump For the 2021 uprising, they said, it was an “attempt conspiracy.”

Mr Trump Jr. did not focus on what was going on in the investigation. Instagram “Do you trust all women? Really? Are they all? That’s the dumb thing I heard in Amber. “

Graeme Masi12 June 2022 01:09


Mike Pence’s team fails to verify Trump’s election fraud allegations, notebooks

Politico said the then vice president’s panel had examined Mr Trump’s allegations that he had been deceived into failing to win before the election results were certified, and that they were small or verifiable.

Graeme Masi12 June 2022 00:35


Wisconsin judge finds GOP election investigator insulting

ICYMI: A Wisconsin The judge on Friday found an investigator hired by Republicans to investigate the former president Donald TrumpHis contemptuous loss in the 2020 wartime situation was due to how his office responded to open record requests related to the investigation.

The ruling against the office, headed by former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Cableman, who briefly worked for Trump, came after Cableman scolded the judge and refused to answer any questions on the witness stand. Cableman did not want to testify, but Dane County Circuit Judge Frank Remington ordered him to appear.

Remington did not immediately announce the sentence in court Friday, saying he would deliver it in writing.

Graeme Masi12 June 2022 00:05


Newsmax host downgrades Capitol police officer to ‘attractive blonde’ and downplay attack

The editor of the right-wing Newsmax channel branded a Capitol police officer who testified “self-esteem” and “an attractive blonde” at a Jan. 6 trial.

Greg Kelly mocked official Carolyn Edwards and said the only evidence he gave to the group was that he “fell down” during a violent attack by Donald Trump supporters.

Graeme Masi11 June 2022 23:32

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