George Santos is telling House Republicans to recuse himself from his committees until the issues are resolved


Rep. George Santos said Tuesday that he intends to withdraw from two of his caucuses behind closed doors at the House GOP conference. His problems Resolved, three members told CNN.

Confronted New York Republican Party Calls for resignation For false statements – including his professional experience, educational history and identity – is a member Committee on Science, Space and Technology and Small Business. Central Government Advocates Santos’ finances are also being investigatedAnd he continues to face countless questions about his personal finances.

He was first elected last fall.

Santos, who left the meeting, declined to speak to reporters.

Santos met with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Monday night.

Representative of the Republican Party of Georgia. Marjorie Taylor Green told CNN that Santos’ decision to “disassociate” from the groups was his own. He said at the conference that he is stepping away from the committees because the GOP is trying Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota ousted From the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Democrats have cited the mounting misrepresentations and scrutiny Santos is facing as an example of the hypocrisy that has fueled Omar and two House Democrats — California Reps. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell — off committee. While Schiff and Swalwell Evacuation was completed With McCarthy unilaterally removed from the House Intelligence Committee, Omar’s position on House Foreign Affairs would require a House Ford vote, which Republican leaders have yet to oblige.

“He really felt there was too much drama in the situation, especially what we were doing to remove Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee,” Green told CNN.

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He added: “But Mr. Santos’ statement there says he spoke with Speaker McCarthy and made this decision on his own.”

Small Business Committee Chairman Roger Williams, a Texas Republican, said he thinks Santos “probably made the right decision” to step down from his caucus until questions about his past and financial irregularities are resolved.

Leaving his office on Capitol Hill last week, Santos told a reporter that he would convene a news conference “soon” to “address everything.”

“We will give you an answer to everything you ask,” he said.

In recent days, Santos has faced questions about his campaign finances, including inquiries about donors and campaign giving, including dozens of expenses his campaign reported at exactly $199.99, one percent below the campaign threshold. Keep the receipts.

The Campaign Legal Center filed a complaint with the FEC that described his money as “odd and seemingly impossible.” It notes that a “hotel stay” at the luxury W Hotel South Beach in Florida in October 2021 will cost $199.99, while a low-cost room typically costs more than $700.

Last week, Santos filed several redacted statements with the FEC, adding to the confusion about the source of the loans he claimed to have made to his campaign.

On some records, the campaign did not have boxes indicating that two six-figure loans came from the candidate’s personal finances.

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