Fitzroy Jeremiah – confined to 12 months at Her Majesty’s Prison for inflicting a wound on his brother

Worshippers at the Seventh-Day Adventist Church at Mont Toute, St. George were forced to scamper to safety as they witnessed one of their members being violently attacked with a cutlass by his brother in the open churchyard.
Regular churchgoer, Michael Jeremiah of St. Paul’s, St. George’s was ambushed last Saturday by his younger brother, Fitzroy Jeremiah as he arrived on the compound for the day’s worship.
THE NEW TODAY Newspaper learnt that after coming out from his vehicle and proceeding to retrieve his bible that was on the back seat of his van, the 51-year old Jeremiah was attacked from behind with a cutlass by the brother.
The worshippers were at the time engaged in their “Lesson Study” when they witnessed the younger Jeremiah who is a carpenter by profession using the sharpened cutlass to inflict a chop wound close to the bottom of the left ear of his brother.
A high level source said members of the church ran outside the building bawling when they saw what was taking place.
A member of the church told this newspaper that moments earlier, they witnessed the brother of their religious member who sports a Rastafarian hairstyle along with another person in the vicinity of the church, but they did not know what was their intention.
“As he (Jeremiah) came out of the van, he (the brother) just walked up quietly behind him and gave it to him right behind his head and he just walked away as nothing,” the church member said.
The injured churchman was rushed to the St. George’s General Hospital by another member of the church where he was attended to at the Accident and Emergency Department.
Jeremiah who received 15 stitches inside and outside the wound was able to return to church later in the afternoon to attend the rest of the day’s service.
This newspaper learnt that the incident arose from a money dispute as the older brother reportedly owed the younger one for a job.
The injured man who is a builder by profession had engaged his brother to assist him with a refurbishment work on a house in building the closets and cupboards, and to also pave the yard.
Sources close to the brothers said there was no firm arrangement in place as regards the sum of money that would be paid to the younger brother.
One source said that out of goodwill, the bigger brother decided that whatever money he made from the job, he would split it equally with his brother.
Another source said it was out of love for his brother, Jeremiah took on his brother to assist him with the job since he could have handled it by himself.
The accused man was brought to court on Monday where he pleaded guilty to a charge of causing grievous harm.
He reappeared the following day before Magistrate Karen Noel at the St. George’s Number Two Magistrate’s Court where a 12-month prison sentence was imposed on him despite showing signs of being rather remorseful,
The maximum sentence for such offense, under a summary conviction, is five years.
A police official attributed the incident to the younger brother being too impatient in waiting for the rest of money owed to him.

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