FEMALE TEENAGER MURDERED – Ex-Boyfriend Charged For The Crime

Grenadians remain in a state of shock and are dumbfounded over the brutal slaying of a St. David’s Teenager one week ago.

Akera Lalgie – had her life cut short

Akera Lalgie of Bay Road, Upper La Tante who went on a business errand for her mother last week Wednesday never made it back home.

Her family who made a “missing person report” to the St. David’s Police Station experienced their worst fears when the mother, Vicki-Ann Lalgie was called in by Homicide Police Officers to identify the remains of the 19-year old body that was dismembered.

The torso of Lalgie’s body was found in a plastic garbage bag inside of a shopping bag with its head, arms and legs missing, by a homeless man who was in search of food.

The discovery was made just moments before Rainbow Janitorial Service came around to make its regular garbage collection for the day.

John Redhead – heavily guarded by Police Officers during his court apperance

Woman Police Officer Pauline Sandy told Reporters the mother was able to make a positive identification of her daughter remains through the clothes she was wearing.

The grieving mother said her daughter went to the bank but did not return home which, to the family is unusual.

According to the family calls made to Lalgie’s mobile phone went unanswered.

The team of police investors headed by Inspector Earl Dunbar stepped up their investigation and within a matter of hours they were able to detain school teacher John Redhead of Requin, St. David’s as a person of interest.

THE NEW TODAY newspaper was informed that on the following day of being detained the 23-year old Redhead gave a confession of the murder, and led the investigators to the crime scene at a secluded area in the Town of St. George.

During a search of the area that is known as Simon’s Alley, an offensive weapon and personal belongings of the victim were recovered.

A source close to the police team said Redhead who teaches at a St. George’s Primary School confessed to dumping Lalgie’s missing parts at a garbage bin in Green Street, St. George’s. However, nothing was found there.

An intensive search at the Perseverance Landfill on Saturday yielded two thighs which are believed to be that of Lalgie. Four days later, on Wednesday, both feet were found near the crime scene.

They were removed by a Funeral Agency in St. George’s.

Redhead who is charged for the offence of murder by intentionally causing the death of 19-year old Lalgie appeared before Magistrate Tahera Gellineau on Monday at the St. George’s Number Two Magistrate’s Court.

He is being represented by the Law Firm of Ciboney Chambers.

Redhead has been remanded at Her Majesty’s Prisons at Richmond Hill and is due back in court on August 20.

Six witnesses including Inspector Dunbar are to testify during the Preliminary Inquiry.

An autopsy performed on Lalgie’s body revealed that she died as a result of hypovolemic shock. The report also stated that the teenager was partially strangled.

THE NEW TODAY newspaper learnt that the accused man confessed to using a saw and a cutlass to commit the crime.

This is the second teenager to have been murdered for the year.

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