Eight of the best Wahoo fitness deals from the Amazon Prime Day sale

Cast your mind back a few years, ‘Garmin’ was basically synonymous with ‘cycle computer’. However, nowadays, Wahoo occupies the market place so effectively that there is an easy equality between the two. No matter which side of the GPS fence you fall on, Amazon Prime Day is a great opportunity to treat yourself to a brand new cycling computer and other peripherals you need. Our Amazon Prime Day Cycling Deals hub has all the great discounts available for cyclists, and our Garmin Deals page covers everything from the other side of the fence. However, we’re going to round up all the best Wahoo finds.

All of the offers below are for products we’ve used on the tech team here Cycling news. Personally, I use a bolt computer on my own bikes, along with peripheral sensors and a competitive watch for my running (yes, running!). The Wahoo ecosystem offers the same metrics and measurables you’d get from any other brand, but what most people love is the ease of use. Everything seems to connect effortlessly, syncs seamlessly with apps and customer service (in our experience anyway) is excellent.

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