The Solid Waste investigation!!!

Another state-run entity is now the subject of alleged wrongdoing.

THE NEW TODAY can inform the nation that it has officially written to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority, Dr. Bert Brathwaite to bring to his attention some troubling information in our possession.

We are duty bound to inform the nation that Dr. Brathwaite has confirmed receipt of our letter and indicated that an investigation will be carried out into alleged wrongdoing with the funds of this state body.

The allegation is that the Credit Card of the Solid Waste Authority was used without the approval of the Board of Directors to purchase two airline tickets including one to facilitate an overseas trip some where in Europe by someone who is not known to be an employee of the statutory body.

The information points in the direction of an individual who was a prominent member of the ill-fated 1979-83 Grenada Revolution.

There are also reports that the credit card was used to cover other expenses of a personal nature on this overseas outing like hotel accommodation.

THE NEW TODAY was told that when the ticket was purchased for the overseas engagement that no one from the Solid Waste Management Authority was known to be travelling to an European capital undertaking any function on behalf of the state entity.

It begs the question – if no one from Solid Waste was on official business for the state body then what was its Credit Card doing in Europe?

Equally important is the related question that the person who used it was supposed to be on holiday from the authority at the time. Why would a person who is on holiday be using the Credit Card of Solid Waste and not surrender it?

THE NEW TODAY is also forced to ask the additional question – where is the credit card at the moment? Has it been surrendered to the authority?

Our investigation points to Solid Waste Authority having two Credit Cards – one Master and one Visa for its sole use.

It does not take a forensic accountant to undertake a simple exercise to find out whether the Credit Card of the state body was abused without the knowledge of the Board of Directors.

The bank that issued the Credit Card often issues a financial statement on the use of the credit card.

All the Board of Directors has to do is request from its Financial Department the bank statements for the two credit cards in the last six months for perusal. It is as simple as that.

THE NEW TODAY has no reason to doubt the sincerity of Board Chairman Dr. Brathwaite to carry out some kind of an investigation into the allegation as brought to his attention by this newspaper.

The Chairman was seen on the compound of the authority on Monday holding a series of meetings with the relevant staff members who should be able to shed some light on the alleged illegal use of the Credit Card.

This newspaper is also getting some more troubling information about alleged wrong-doing at Solid Waste that the Board of Directors needs to investigate as a matter of urgency.

There is another serious allegation surfacing that the letterhead of Solid Waste was used to help persons who are not employed with the state body to apply for visas to gain entry into the United States.

If correct, this is fraudulently use of the property of this important and vital state body.

It is well known that a number of persons have been prosecuted in Grenada for engaging in scams to get visas to enter the United States.

Two high profile sporting personalities are currently facing fraud and forgery charges before the high court in a US visa scandal.

This kind of activity raises serious questions about whether or not persons are not collecting money under the table for using the letterhead of Solid Waste to help persons to gain entry into the United States.

THE NEW TODAY is also calling for a probe into the manner in which contracts are awarded to persons by Solid Waste to engage in garbage disposal on the island.

The evidence seems to point to political cronyism especially in the rural areas with persons getting contracts and not performing and still being paid handsomely.

There is an allegation that an illegal dump site has been erected at a place called Windsor in St. Andrew and someone hired by Solid Waste is allegedly dumping garbage at this location and not at the official site.

It appears that the authority is aware of the development and in the past few days visited the area and was seen putting up no dumping signs.

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